Artificial intelligence has created levels for Doom better than the people

Is it possible to secure a modern-day shooter infinite variety of levels? You can, if you train an artificial intelligence to create them. It is this and engaged researchers from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Their algorithms are trained on known to many Doom.

Three-dimensional shooter Doom has appeared 25 years ago thanks to the talented programmer John Carmack. He for many years stayed on the hard drives of personal computers due to the efforts of John Romero and American McGee, who created the levels for the game. In addition, id Software has released a level editor which allowed players to add a sequel to the game.

Long the popularity of the game and a huge number of levels created by real people, made Doom perfect for training artificial intelligence. But we should give credit to researchers from the University of Milan. They used a very interesting approach to their task.

Was created by an adversarial network. Two algorithms studied thousands of Doom levels created during the lifetime of the game. Then one of them started making our own levels, and second comparing the levels created by people, with levels created by artificial intelligence. If the algorithm could not distinguish the level for the game, which was created by another algorithm from the levels created by people, this level was considered appropriate for the game.

Of course, now very few people plays Doom, but this approach can be used for any modern games. It is important only to train artificial intelligence, and then people like Romero and McGee will no longer work.

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