Artificial intelligence has determined the age of the children in the movements of their eyes

Artificial intelligence sometimes greater than the person’s care and precision. This fact once again proved by researchers from the University of Minnesota, who used machine learning to teach the computer to determine the age of the child by the movements of his eyes. Was, in fact, what a person pays attention in the first place, you can easily determine how old he is. It is scary to think that will be capable of artificial intelligence after some time.

Слежение за движениями глаз

The study involved 19 children eighteen months of age, and 22 children at the age of 2.5 years. Their heads were wearing a device for tracking eye movements, leaving them with three seconds to show a different image. Each age group has its own heat map, which showed which objects are first of all look at the children of different years. It turned out that for the 1.5 year olds the first thing it is important to look at the faces, and older children pay attention to the things to which it is usually possible to touch.

All these data were used to train the neural network. She was subsequently given the task to determine the age of the child, knowing only the trajectory of the movements of his eyes. To the surprise of researchers, artificial intelligence gave the correct response in 83% of cases. Well, we can say that computers have again learned something new.

Similar experiments are very rare, as they need the participation of young children. However, they sometimes held, and during them, the researchers make a very interesting discovery. For example, previously it was thought that man first of all pays attention not objects that are good stand out. It turned out that in addition, it is also important that the object had for him a meaning. So, when I saw something right for themselves, people may not even notice something bright and attention-grabbing.

Surprisingly, in which only purposes is not used artificial intelligence. The researchers even used it to improve the taste of Basil — as it happened, you can read in our material.

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