Artificial intelligence IBM is able to predict breast cancer as accurately as specialists X


Happens to be breast cancer among the most common diseases among women all over the world. Believes early detection is one of the first steps of prevention so that successful intervention in the early stages can be the difference between life and death. He says researchers are developing systems of predictive dependent on artificial intelligence, and IBM to intelligence, artificial new can predict breast cancer with the same accuracy specialists Rays.

Deployment of a team of researchers in the company IBM Research System new AI that can predict the development of breast cancer patients during the year. This artificial intelligence able to make these predictions accurately come accurate specialists X humans.

It is reported that the first artificial intelligence of its kind makes the decisions using all of the imaging data in addition to record the overall health of the patient. So, it can happen that the AI chances of diagnosis bad by comparisons between what he sees in the pictures and record the general health of the patient, which may contain information about such things as thyroid function and iron deficiency.

Using this data, the artificial intelligence of the to correctly predict the development of breast cancer in 87 percent of the cases that he analyzed. As it was able to predict correctly by 77 percent of the cases of non-Egyptian Sudan. Specialists can rays the use of artificial intelligence like this one day to ascertain if patients with breast cancer or not.

Tested this AI on 71 different cases consider to radiologists at the outset that it is not cancer, but was diagnosed patients end up with breast cancer within a year. However, this enables the artificial intelligence to recognize correctly on the breast cancer in 48 percent of cases the 71.

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