Artificial intelligence is able to measure the risk of death

Developed researchers of computer science lab of artificial intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of technology system for the automated, allows (RiskCardio), he can estimate the risk of death due to heart problems and blood vessels that block blood flow or decrease it.

This means that the ability of artificial intelligence to predict threats that threaten your health may include the soon diseases of the heart base, where the system is able to estimate the risk of death of cardiovascular system of the patient through the electrical activity of his heart.

System focuses (RiskCardio) on patients who survived the acute coronary syndrome (ACS), which is a collection of symptoms that are caused by tightness in the coronary artery responsible for myocardial ischemia food oxygen and.

And the new system between new techniques and old to predict heart attacks properly, and all he needs is to read electrocardiography (ECG) for 15 minutes, so as to assess the risk based on the sets of pulse sequences in the sample.

In the case of obtaining the data captured in 15 minutes, then the system (RiskCardio) to determine whether someone will die within 30 days, or even years later.

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And system heartbeats frequent and anomalies that can predict the risk of developing a heart attack, depends approach on the idea that the great contrast between the heart rate reflects the greater risk, the greater the number of data obtained by the system, becoming more intelligent.

Scientists have studied the machine learning system using historical data the results of the patients, where the machine learning algorithm used to the idea of simple is that the contrast between the heart rate reflects the risk of a heart attack.

The system points with five minutes ten only the first of reading the ECG of the patient and then put him in the various risk categories accordingly.

Recall that in the case of the entry system of artificial intelligence (RiskCardio) service, it may be possible for doctors to assess the health of the patient quickly and to take a decision on the appropriate level of treatment, besides providing a lot of information for doctors to conduct more research on the diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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