Artificial intelligence will destroy as many jobs as you create

Speaking about artificial intelligence, we are constantly predicting the future, which for people not staying in jobs. Robots and artificial intelligence have replaced people of the service sector, drivers and even those who are engaged in creativity. Soon and articles for you will write algorithms. But everything is so in our future?

Consulting firm PwC recently unveiled a report showing that the future will be much more loaded for people. The robots will really take many jobs. The report says that in the UK artificial intelligence will reduce the number of jobs by 38 percent in the transport sector and 30 percent in manufacturing. At the same time, artificial intelligence to create more jobs in other sectors, retaining the balance.

For example, PwC predicts that artificial intelligence will take only 12 percent of jobs in health care, creating in the same field for 34 percent more jobs. Ultimately, to 2037 in the UK, the robots have to create as many new jobs as will take away the existing ones. Talking about 7 million jobs.

At the end of his report, the company presented a table which shows the number of people employed and jobs created to 2037 in different sectors.

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