Artificial leaves for effective cleaning of air

Starting in 2011, scientists from around the world tried to create artificial leaves able to clean the air and even produce fuel. All this time they created the prototypes could only work in laboratory conditions and their functioning in the street could not be considered. To the surprise of many, researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago suddenly announced that they created an artificial version of the leaves are able to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, even outside the laboratory.

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According to the author of the study Minesh Singh, previous versions of the leaves were able to generate oxygen, electricity and liquid fuel from carbon dioxide stored in pressure tanks. On the absorption of carbon dioxide from more dilute sources like outside air they simply lacked the strength.

It turned out that to solve this problem was very simple. The researchers just took and put the current version of the artificial leaf in water-filled capsule from the ammonium resin. The idea is that with sun exposure the moisture to slowly evaporate through tiny pores. His place instantly takes carbon dioxide which by photosynthesis is converted into carbon monoxide. He eventually becomes the raw material to generate fuel or synthesis of oxygen and release him outside for air purification.

Искусственные листья

According to the researchers, the artificial leaves clean the air 10 times better than live plants. If they make a small tree of the 360 leaf length 170 cm and width 20 cm, it will be able to draw 10% carbon dioxide within a radius of 100 meters. It is believed that to create many of these leaves will be easy — concept researchers made from most available materials.

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