Artificial meat is getting closer. Now the chicken can create from peas

Development of technologies for the creation of artificial meat today is a very promising area. Companies working in this area, the already increasing production, and some of the products you can even try. However, as a rule, when we talk about artificial meat, it is mostly about burgers and steaks. But what about chicken? Do not worry, and this kind of meat will soon be indistinguishable from the real thanks to the company Planted, which creates a “simulated” chicken meat from the peas.

What makes faux chicken

The assurances Switzerland-based company Planted, for the production of artificial chicken meat they used only pea protein, pea fiber, sunflower oil and a number of additives for flavoring. Of protein and oil is formed something like “test”, which can be given any shape. After that, a special machine similar to the hybrid press and a 3D printer, from the dough (adding fiber) is formed the structure of meat issimilar in structure to the chicken breast. After this it remains only to add the flavor enhancers. The technology of production is not unique. Much more interesting how it was designed.

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How to come up with artificial chicken

The technology formed the study of mucus primitive fish-like creatures called maxinova. They inhabit the waters of the World ocean in tropical and subtropical zone and in appearance similar to worms (though they are not). They secrete special mucus to interested researchers.

“Allocated crustaceans natural hydrogel greatly helped our understanding Mesopotamia structures and how they can imitate and eventually even improve,” said co-founder Planted Pascal Bieri.

The fact that the mucus of marine crustaceans in fact similar in structure to the “liquid meat.” Had to find a way to “thicken” this slime. After that, scientists on hands had the technology to recreate mesopodopsis structure. And since the basis of mucus is protein, and to create artificial chicken meat, it was decided to take a cheap but protein-rich plant. The choice fell on the peas.

“We put a lot of effort and money in our product to make it very close in taste and appearance to the chicken.”

When and where you can buy artificial meat

Currently substitute chicken from Planted is only available in few restaurants of Switzerland, but the company is already increasing its rate of production and early next year plans to open its point of sale in Zurich and Bern, so if in 2020 you will be in these parts, be sure to ask the locals where you can taste the artificial chicken. Well then share your impressions in our chat in Telegram.

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