Artist sells masks to deceive the face recognition system

Out on the street, look around and notice on the walls of buildings in almost each of them is attached to the camera. Especially a lot of them in China, and not only that they are installed even on garbage cans, and is equipped with a face recognition system. That is, the police are able to learn the name and other personal information about any person who is in the field of view of the cameras. This rigid control, of course, can not fail to excite the inhabitants of large cities and some of them even take measures to deceive surveillance systems. For example, buy mask American artist named Leo Selvaggio, who for more than five consecutive years, offers to hide from surveillance under his face.

People in masks with the face of artist Leo Selvaggio

For the first time about the project of an artist from the us state of Illinois became known in 2014. Written about him, many foreign publications, including those devoted to high technology website Cnet. The man gave his project the name of URME Surveillance , and invited the visitors to purchase one of the four products with the image of his face: paper mask, a set of paper masks for the group of people, a rubber mask and program URME Facial Video Encryptor to replace individuals in the video chat.

Is it possible to hide from surveillance cameras?

Selling these goods is to this day. A paper mask can be bought for 1 dollar or printed on a color printer right at home and never have to pay. Set for the group of 24 people can be purchased for $ 12 or so for free to print yourself. However, it should be understood that the paper mask is a method of cheating cameras of five years ago, and the face recognition technology since then has improved a lot. Perhaps today, these masks are completely useless.

The system of facial recognition so good that they will be used at the Olympics in Tokyo

But that rubber mask can fool the system of facial recognition unlikely very willingly. The fact that they covered almost the entire face completely and the person can see it in the eyes. Remember a person can hardly even passers-by — as a minimum, because the masked man looks very creepy and they simply do not want to see that person again. Mask rubber costs about $ 300, and for those who care about money, there is a free scheme for bonding of paper.

A rubber mask to hide your face from surveillance cameras

Program Facial Video Encryptor for Mac computers originally cost $ 25, but today available for free. This is probably due to its current irrelevance, because all she could do is to overlay a static image of the face of the artist on the face of the user. Today, it looks very primitive, because to completely transform your face even on smartphones. Remember the same FaceApp and Animoji in 2014 these technologies are, probably, seemed impossible.

Creating a project, the artist clearly knew what danger he exposes himself. The fact that allowing thousands of people to escape from the surveillance under his own face, he could easily get problems with the law. Indeed, among the buyers is could be criminals, who during one of the robberies could wear a mask and the police would consider the artist a violator of the law. And prison not far but, judging by the activity of the URME Surveillance website, with the author’s all right.

Did you know that the facial recognition checks of Chinese students every 30 seconds?

The fear of possible problems the artist was absent because he wanted to draw attention to how surveillance through the CCTV cameras impact on society. Yeah, maybe surveillance even come out for a walk a human is too hard security measures. But do not forget that you hung on the cities of the camera and artificial intelligence to help the police catch dangerous criminals.

Finally, I want to know your opinion about the face recognition system on the streets — your thoughts you can Express in the comments or in our Telegram chat. Whether surveillance of every person that the police easier to catch criminals?

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