As 5G revealed the tendency of the crowd to the stupidity and lack of understanding

We live in a time when the adequacy of people raises big questions. Like, communicate one on one — all normal. But if you look at the crowd, as there are doubts that humanity is on the path of evolution. Now it is very clearly illustrated by the situation with the networks of the fifth generation. For a long time they waited and wanted them soon, as the salvation from all ills. Now that they are no longer just on the doorstep, and many even use them, people heard plenty of tales from the Internet, began to create something, burning towers, and strongly discouraging the emergence of new technologies. Very similar to Indians, which are not photographed, because it steals their soul.

You can still deal with the wireless phone chargers. Suddenly they lead to the development of respiratory diseases.

Unfounded fears about 5G arise in society primarily because bloggers who PR on this topic and gaining millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers on the subject of chipping and conspiracy theories against 5G. People who can’t distinguish fantasy from reality, on the background of what is happening in the world of zombie this and begin to behave inappropriately. Even some services, like YouTube, have begun to block appropriate videos in April. To him also joined Facebook and Twitter.

It can be called hi to those who said that TV is all lies, and YouTube said any unsubstantiated nonsense is unconditionally true. Now and then the invisible hand of global conspiracy began to block ”truthful” information.

Google has added to YouTube as a convenient rewinding.

There are two main claims to 5G, which are pushed by opinion leaders. The first concerns the involvement of the 5G to the fact that now the world gets sick more and more and more people. No one even can not think that radio waves cannot cause the viral disease. Why, for example, nobody says that the rise in diseases linked with the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5, the spread of TikTok or exhausts from rockets SpaceX, who fly more often? Sounds crazy, I agree. But it is also sound reasoning about 5G.

Rally and aged people who don’t understand new technologies, and young people who believe in strange reasoning.

The second claim is that under the pretext of a pandemic, we will introduce the chips for which we can be tracked through the network of the fifth generation. Here even do not want to comment. Especially against the background, as in Scandinavia and the United States people are striving to implant itself chips in order to be comfortable and not have to carry a bunch of cards. I do not say anything about those cases when a person is unconscious we need urgent help of doctors, and nobody even knows who he is and how he needs help. The scanning of the chip would solve this problem in the Bud. And just a lot of people who, apparently, never recovered lost documents.

Four of my favorite document scanner and photo for Android

The absurdity of the situation is that people don’t just believe the 5G and global conspiracy, which if there is, then we would not have learned, but also commit real crimes. For example, in the UK activists burned about 80 rigs 5G. In the world this figure according to different estimates more than 200 pieces. Each rig costs tens of thousands of dollars, but people think it’s not defacing someone else’s property, and the suppression of the conspiracy. All bored or what was and should feel like a resistance fighter?

5G rigs cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the development of the standard cost billions of dollars.

Sometimes comes to the absurd. For example, in April there was information that the General Director of BT Group (British telecommunications company) Philip Jansen, as of April 21, 40 employees of the company were attacked. Many of them not only was this a verbal statement of claims — reached even physical attacks. “We even had one engineer, who was in the hospital with stab wounds,” said Jansen. Against this background, it seems that the 5G does not affect the spread of the virus, and the mental abilities of people.

This weekend was planned to protest against the 5G, warned on Thursday the Association NATE. Global day of protest 5G might lead to an attack on mobile towers on Saturday and Sunday. It was also said that the activists want to admit Saturday, the international day against 5G. In this regard, NATE even had to warn employees to be careful. Soon it will be necessary to warn the common people, who bought a 5G smartphones that they can ”grab” on the street for such a purchase.

NATE, a non-profit trade Association that represents companies in the USA, Canada, UK, China, Singapore, Spain, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Israel, Jamaica, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Trinidad.

Many operators literally begging people to stop ruining expensive equipment and disturb the movement of technologythat is used for universal comfort.

General counsel of the Federal communications Commission of the US when Thomas Johnson Jr. in an article for the Washington post said.

Like the Americans now do not have enough other worries. Some people lately have expressed concerns about the alleged harmful impact of 5G on health. Hypotheses about the impact of 5G on human health for a long time, causing panic and have no scientific backup. said Thomas Johnson, Jr.

He called the fears “paradoxical” during a pandemic COVID-19, because now the people opposite need faster and more reliable Internetwhen they are working remotely, learn at home or conduct online visits to the doctor.

Yes, 5G will be a global, but LTE is not much local history. Can forbid him? Normally it lived, when it was GPRS only and oil at 100. Maybe it’s related?

The way it is! People are literally obsessed with the idea of harm 5G, though earlier in the comments to articles or in our Telegram chat all very actively interested in this idea. We saw that on the statistics, relevant articles and by how active people were included in the discussion. Now the degree of human stupidity have reached a new level and to think what we will do, when we win 5G. The electric cars? New types of drugs? Electronic currency? What other ways to return to the past will offer us opinion leaders for the sake of cheap public relations on the fears of people before the all new?

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