As a “bubble cryptocurrency” helped new technologies? The opinion of the Russian expert

Most Russian officials agree that the cryptocurrency market is a normal bubble. The reaction is quite expected because they are not very good at the technical side of the industry. However, the Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin still sees some positive aspects in the crypt.

According to him, the digital assets could attract a lot of attention and investments in new technologies. However, even this fact does not negate the fact that the crypt is allegedly a bubble.

Useful financial bubble

In his recent interview to RT. noticed the explosive growth of Bitcoin in 2017. In his opinion, such a sharp increase in the price of the asset may not occur for natural reasons. Even then the Minister pointed to the greater likelihood of future collapse of the stock market.

Bitcoin fell. And that’s okay because PR cryptocurrencies in the media attracted a lot of money in new technologies. In any case, the effect of Bitcoin and altcoins was more positive than negative.

But individuals, according to Oreshkin, is really lucky. The official mentioned the stories of would-be investors who choose to invest all their savings in coin at the peak of its value. However, their “victim” was not in vain — hype among people has forced even the largest financial firms to pay attention to the blockchain.

We will remind, earlier the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has prepared a rather vague definition of the taxation of digital assets. The final version of the law on crypto-currencies should be considered in the state Duma in early 2019. The authorities still do not want to recognize Bitcoin and altcoins legal tender on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Source: Reddit

But the Russian miners do not feel very well — the fall of the stock market forced them to get rid of their cryptoform, to somehow cover their losses.

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