As a result of durability test of the new Galaxy Fold

I was Samsung Galaxy Fold a controversy, where he led his group to the initial to a debate about the screen cracked, which indicates that the Samsung unveiled the phone before he’s ready for consumers, however the Galaxy Fold, which was reviewed recently sturdier than ever, and may convince users that the screen is folding, will continue with the passage of time, came when he JerryRigEverything test to follow fairly strict on the Galaxy Fold newly enhanced, the results are mixed because of that, despite the strengths of the big however, there is still a weak point.

Test results follow-up to Galaxy Fold

إختبار متانة جديد لهاتف Galaxy Fold فما كانت نتيجته؟Testing new follow-up to the Galaxy Fold what it was as a result of it?

In the durability test that finds that the external screen is 4.6 inches resists scratches essential, damages, and constant only in the seventh level of the hardness tools JerryRigEverything that cause scratching, however it seems that the Home screen is a collapsible compared to 7.3 inches, which will serve as the main drag for users who are demanding nearly $ 2000 for the phone, still less where you are trying to the dangerous levels of scratches from the tool to the metal core of the second level, in fact it seems that the nails may cause scratches, which may become a serious point for users, especially women.

Choosing war is a great feature will be to offer everyone, Galaxy Fold, even after their exposure to fire lighter several times, the screen is still working and does not show any damage level, it seems that the Galaxy Fold may fix the problem the screen of fracking because it runs also pass the bending test, even after being exposed to the forces bending the opposite, the screen of Galaxy Fold has not adapted and continues to work, however he has inflicted significant damage around its edges, indicating that although the core strength of the device had already improved, but the durability might not be great.

It seems that the particles of sand and dust is entered into the phone very easily, especially in detailed, this indicates that the device may be exposed to dust particles with the passage of time, you will need any joint to handle the device with great care if they wish to use it for a long time, the problem is the same in the main screen, although they still work in the end of the test mass, but they don’t do it without incurring some serious damage.

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