As a self-proclaimed Apple employees deceive Mac users

It has long been accepted that computers running macOS are of no interest to hackers because of the complex security system, which is almost impossible to circumvent, but also because of their low prevalence in comparison with a Windows PC. However, as practice shows, users of Macs are increasingly the victims of malicious applications blocking access to the computer and demand a ransom for unlocking expensive devices.

According to users who have experienced attacks of malicious applications, many of them pretend to be system alerts, and lock — in an emergency measure designed to prevent activities of malware. Usually after locking the screen alerts you that your computer is infected with a phone number with a recommendation as soon as possible to contact the technical support Apple to remove malware preventing the use.

Malware for Mac

It tells Stephanie Golden, who was the victim of fraud, she did online shopping with your MacBook Air when it was struck by the attack. At the same moment, she says, the computer display was white and there was a message “Your Mac is attacked by malware or virus. Immediately contact Apple technical support”, to which was annexed a phone number, the call which supposedly could rectify the situation.

The man who introduced himself as an employee of Apple was not at all surprised to call Stephanie and said that unlock is a standard service that is provided for a fixed fee in the amount of $ 200. However, he said, in accordance with the policy of the company, its employees have no right to take from clients money transfers, and the only lawful way to pay for are iTunes gift cards.

Dictated by the source codes of the purchased cards, Stephanie hoped that her computer will work, but this did not happen. According to the person on the other end, the codes that gave the victim, invalid, and to continue the procedure, you need a new one. This continued three more times until the man hung up the phone, and Stephanie realized that she had been deceived.

How to protect yourself from fraud

In case you find yourself in a situation in which there was Stephanie, you are strongly advised not to call the number provided in the message. Instead, go to the website and find the support phone number in your country. If Apple called you, even if you were not expecting their call, just hang up and call back at the number given on the website of the company. Also, be aware that the staff of the technical support service will never ask you to transfer them money in any form, and all consultations are free of charge.

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