As Apple prevents the spread of anti-virus software for macOS

Apple may deliberately to prevent the spread of anti-virus software among Mac users, refusing to share with software companies data about malicious apps under macOS. This conclusion was made by the researcher in the field of information security Patrick Wardle. He studied the components of spyware from groups Windshift attacking Mac users, and found that only one of them is identified as a malicious.

A total of Wordl analyzed using VirusTotal malware component four, three of which were unknown to antivirus software in General, and only one was recognized by two programs — Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm. According to Wordle this is very strange when you consider that information about the attack Windshift was made public earlier, but Apple itself had at its disposal the digital certificate used by fraudsters to writing viruses.

What are the dangers of concealing information about viruses

Refusing to publish data on malware software for Mac, Apple goes against the rules of standard industry practice, says Wardle. By its actions, the company increases the chances of users to infection, relying on the protective mechanisms of the operating system rather than using antivirus software.

As practice shows, Apple operating systems for all its benefits sometimes do not have a high level of protection against all kinds of vulnerabilities. For example, recently experts have found that the Safari web browser was vulnerable in front of homograph attacks. Such attacks involve the substitution of individual letters in domain names with characters with a similar font style. By clicking on such links, users think that going to the original site, but in fact fall to a phishing resource designed to steal personal data.

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