As appreciated iPhone XR Western publications?

As you know, iPhone XR is already available for pre-order, and direct the smartphones will go to its first customers on October 26. Nevertheless, leading Western publications got access to welcome the novelty and are willing to share their impressions of the “affordable” flagship from Apple. Let’s find out what conclusions were made by journalists after the first meeting with the iPhone XR.


The Verge

The iPhone’s display XR good enough. Of course, it has less resolution and pixel density than the advanced OLED-matrix devices such as the iPhone XS, Galaxy S9 or the Pixel 3. But to call this disadvantage can be stretch — the vast majority will not notice any difference in sharpness.


Without a doubt, the iPhone screen XR one of the best LCD displays on the market. But in direct comparison with OLED displays, the screen is “affordable” iPhone is still inferior. This is not surprising, given that OLED has a number of advantages — deeper color, infinite contrast.


The Engadget

Single iPhone camera module XR is really very good. The smartphone uses the same wide angle lens as in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. The pictures are really gorgeous. The advantage of the camera is the natural color and sharp detail even in low light.

Edition Of Wired

Due to the fact that iPhone XR is equipped with one wide angle lens, pictures taken on the smartphone do not convey the true degree of depth.

This means that in the “Portrait” blur will be implemented by purely software means. In addition, in the settings there are only three possible lighting, while on the iPhone XS — five.

The Processor Apple A12 Bionic

Edition Pocket Lint

Having a smartphone at their disposal, we have tested it in demanding games such as Fortnite and Asphalt 9. We have not encountered any performance issues, everything worked flawlessly, quickly, exactly like on the iPhone XS.

The battery life

Edition TechRadar

Apple releases IOS XR will be able to surpass time of Autonomous work even the iPhone 8 Plus. If this is true, then this is definitely a big step forward.

Looking ahead, we say that the company we are not deceived — the increase in time of Autonomous work really is, and he is even more than the stated 1.5 hours. Thus, iPhone XR battery is guaranteed to last for the entire working day.

The publication Tom’s Guide

In our test the battery life, iPhone XR lasted 11 hours and 26 minutes. The result is iPhone XS Max is 10 hours and 38 minutes and the iPhone XS — 9 hours and 41 minutes. At the moment iPhone XR is the most “long-playing” smartphone from Apple.

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