As artificial intelligence accidentally changed modern call centers

Thiago Paiva, unwittingly, changed the business of contact centers. He never wanted to do and believed the industry is boring, but today its development use contact centres to IBM, Dropbox, Peet’s Coffee and Zumiex. Tell me more about the design and about how it happened.

Company Twilio is the Creator of the cloud-based platform for message exchange, conducted Twiliocon hackathon, in which Tiago Paiva participated. He thought that to win he needs to create a solution for the most interesting industry. As a rather boring direction he has chosen points of contact.

At that time, Thiago Paiva lived in Portugal. He went to San Francisco to participate in hackathon, won, got the investment and decided to stay in the U.S., founded the company on your work. The project, which received 50 thousand dollars, was named Talkdesk. He moved the phone to contact centres in the cloud.

Previously, the organization of call center businesses have had to turn to large service providers who worked on the market for 20-30 years. They had to purchase expensive hardware and software. With Talkdesk, you can organize a call center anywhere in the world with a few clicks.

The platform allows you to make calls directly from the desktop of your computer. She is able to control the subscribers in a queue, automatically dial and route calls using artificial intelligence. In addition, it is equipped with built-in Analytics tools that allow you to track the work of the contact center.

Talkdesk has attracted venture capital firms 500 Startups, and then Thiago Paiva decided to do what was really boring. He called his mother and said that he will not return from San Francisco. Then he founded a company and began the development of the product. The first three years the company has developed slowly, but now Talkdesk is a recognizable brand in a corporate environment.

As mentioned above, today the major companies use the services created during the hackathon. Paiva sees a possibility of future integration with Google Duplex. Its platform uses artificial intelligence, but he believes that once the machine can replace the human at the call center. Customers still prefer communicating with a real person, especially when the issue is quite intricate and requires an understanding of context. Paiva sees the future Talkdesk, in which artificial intelligence helps to work employee contact centers.

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