As bring immortality in Russia: a bioregulatory peptides Havinson

Friedrich Engels said: “Life is the mode of existence of protein bodies”. Alas, Engels was aware that nothing lasts forever, and the human body is doomed to gradual degradation and destruction in order to eventually find peace and return to earth. Today, scientists — and Amateurs — looking for all possible ways of extending the life, and the healthy parts. But for longevity it is important to the body’s resistance to disease. One of the ways which can be without exaggeration a panacea, steel bioregulatory peptides of Professor V. H. Havinson.

What are peptides?

Today, the word peptides cause an ignorant man rather bewilderment about the same as resortson — the word “protein”. Protein has come a long way, to the most learned that it is just a protein in its pure form, not “the farm”, where bodybuilders mutate into supermen by leaps and bounds. Same way nootropics — drugs to improve “views”. Now is the time peptides.

To present the importance of scientific discovery, it is necessary details to understand what it is.

Our body is a skyscraper of protein structures. The smallest structural unit of our body, all organs and tissues is the cell. She’s alive, while divided. But the number of divisions is genetically determined. Any cell of any organ or tissue capable of dividing fifty times in all our lives. This fact established American scientist Leonard Hayflick. This limit has the same name (limit Leonard Hayflick ). Age and diseases in our organs and tissues are destroyed by the consumption of the number of cell divisions as soon as use up, come to an apoptosis — cell death.

Information about how much the cage is supposed to share, is the genetic system — DNA. It is located in the nucleus of the cell and has an X-shaped structure. The “shoulder” of DNA is called the telomere, which is physically shortened for the consumption of the number of divisions. And here we come close to the role of the peptide — a small protein with a specific amino acid sequence characteristic of that particular tissue. Once in the body one way or the other — injection or by mouth in capsule form peptide freely passes through all the tissue barriers: the cell membrane, nuclear membrane and is embedded in the structure of DNA, just in the place of shortening of telomeres on the principle of complementarity.

Peptide “lengthen” telomeres 42% (almost half!) and returns the ability of DNA to protein synthesis, effectively prolonging cell life. We have found that the longer it is divided, the longer it lives. The scale of the tissue (organ) which consists of these cells is the restoration of its structure and function. And the scale body is to prolong life, improve its quality, the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases.

But there is one “but”. Today, the development of peptide production is happening at a rapid pace. So, the safety and efficacy of the peptide depends not only on the amino acid sequence, the degree of purification of hormones and the size of the amino acid chain (molecular weight). For example, if you compare a medicinal polypeptide with cerebroprotective activity — Cerebrolysin, its weight will be equal to 10000 Da. At that time, as a cerebral protector in bioregulatory Professor V. H. Havinson has a molecular weight of 400 Da. It is one billionth of a meter — a nanometer sizes. In this undeniable advantage of any of the forty-peptides, developed by the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology. In order to find out about the activities of the Institute, we talked to Oksana Orlova A. — MD, PhD, researcher , St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, laboratory of Bioregulation of aging, cosmetologist, an expert in the field of anti-aging medicine, injection apparatus and medical cosmetology, and asked her all our questions.

And we are of course interested in the approximation to immortality.

Harmful if bioregulatory peptides?

Harm peptides of Professor V. H. Havinson impossible. Let’s try to understand why? The fact that everything is coming into our organism controls the protective system — the immune system and everything develops attitude, synthesizing antibodies. As such, the information falls into our “image library”. In the case of nonapeptide antibody production does not occur. They are digested so quickly and seamlessly that the immunity does not have time to take them under control. If the substance is not generated antibodies will not be allergic reactions, side effects and dose related and individual intolerance. The maximum effect in the absence of harm. This fits into the concept of alternative medicine of the future. It is a revolutionary breakthrough. The international scientific community classifies that way.

The particular relevance of the new treatment becomes in terms of premature aging, when from 35 years in our organism occurs simultaneously from 3 to 5 chronic diseases, and from 65 years 5 — 8 thereof. It thus requires complex treatment with several drugs, but this is impossible because of their insecurity. At that time, as a comprehensive treatment of bioregulatory peptides is the correct one. Should be emphasized that the peptide — drugs strategic, cumulative purposes, have effect not immediately, but after some time, when the dose of stimulation is accumulated and formed a “response” to treatment.

As long ago discovered peptides?

This discovery for forty years. It appeared on the basis of the Military Medical Academy. S. M. Kirov in the search for means of increasing the combat capability of personnel in terms of radiation exposure. It turned out that a short amino acid chain (2-3-4 AK) is able to mobilize the reserve division of the cells and stimulate the synthesis of protein that restores the structure and function of the affected organs and tissues. Since then, there has been beschislennoe number of cultural, biological and clinical studies proving the effectiveness of short bioregulatory peptides. Exam time is passed. The largest clinical experiments occurred at different times. This rescue of the crew of the submarine “Komsomolets” in 1989 (45); line of Gazprom in the Nadym (11,000 people); the staff of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology for 15 years (50 people); training during the year women’s rhythmic gymnastics national team to the 30th Olympic Games in London in 2012.

Orlova O. A.

How to make peptides?

Peptides extracted tissue of young calves up to 12 months of age or biosynthesized in the laboratory. Therefore, these small building proteins exist for all bodies. They organospecific: restore the structure and function of the body from which they are selected. For example, the peptides of the brain and restore the brain and its functions; peptides of the liver — the liver tissue; cartilage — cartilage, blood vessels vessels; thyroid — the thyroid gland. Received about 40 names. One of them is the “gold standard” of longevity is a peptide of the pineal gland (epiphysis), neuroimmune endocrine generals in our body. Through its hormone — melatonin (it is also called the hormone of youth), the pineal gland coordinates the functions of all endocrine systems. And hormones, as you know, manages all our vital status. The level of melatonin in the blood and urine to determine the biological age of our body. Therefore, the epiphysis is universal, it restores all our tissues and organs and is a powerful onkoprotektor.

What are peptides ready for better health? How is the healing process?

Today, the peptides exist in three dosage forms: transdermal (cosmetics), orally (for oral and General therapeutic effects) and injection. A wide range of people available transdermal and oral formulations of peptides. As not to hurt them and to facilitate distribution, they are called BAD-AMI and put through the trade network. However, it should be noted the difference between BAD s and peptides: BAD s no ability to restore the structure and function of tissues, peptides is their main purpose. We can say that the peptides are drugs with the causal effect of treatment, as work on the cause of the disease: destruction of bodies and disturbance of their functions. Find online peptides Havinson is not difficult.

Encapsulated forms are divided into two groups: oligopeptides (extracts of tissues, natural) and are no translations available (biokinesiology in vitro), according to the severity and duration of the effect is comparable, but some are cheaper than others. Oral peptides packaged in 60 capsules is the treatment for one month. If you take them at the dosage of 1 capsule two times a day is therapeutic-and-prophylactic scheme and the effect we will see not earlier than the third week of treatment (e.g., analgesic) with multiplicity of courses — 2 times a year: in spring and autumn — seasonal exacerbation of any disease. If we are not interested in prevention, and treatment, the multiplicity of courses is increased to three or four. Besides, you can increase the dosage to get the therapeutic effect: 2 capsules 2 times a day.

The peptide, the sequence of amino acids in the structure: alanine-glutamine-asparagine-glycine Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly

Be aware that peptides are good in combination, as in the body of each of us over the age of 35 at the same time flows from 3-5 chronic diseases, at least, the reception of vascular peptide must accompany any treatment. For example, improving the blood circulation of the body, we help to accelerate the metabolism of (S) or metabolism. To date, the injectable peptides are also obtained for all organs and tissues in the form of extracts and biokinesiology forms. But only five of them certified that 40 years ago as a medicine and sold in pharmacies:

  • Cortexin peptide of the brain (listed in the state register, as the drug of first choice for the treatment and prevention of heart attacks and strokes).
  • Timalin peptide of the thymus (a Central organ of immunogenesis).
  • Retinalamin — peptide of the retina.
  • Epitalon — peptide.
  • Prostatilen — peptide of the prostate.

The package contains 10 ampoules is the course of treatment of 10 days, the multiplicity of courses depends on the severity of the disease. Treatment others injectable peptides developed by the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology on an experimental basis, you can get in the St. Petersburg clinic “the Tree of life.”

What is the future of bioregulatory peptides? How long to develop new drugs?

The whole peptide issue more relates to treatment and prevention. Even Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov said: “the Future belongs to preventive medicine”. Indeed, it is easier and cheaper to implement prevention than treatment of disease. To start applying should be 30 years of age, from the beginning of the aging process of our body and the formation of diseases.

From discovery to implementation into production sometimes take decades, and may not be implemented ever. It really depends on many factors. The first and most important is the recognition of the clinical efficacy of the drug, and the second, but no less important — certification of the drug, as medicines, the third is closest to the user — implementation in production and it’s quite close is the cure. At each stage the opening waiting for the pitfalls.

As for cerebroprotectors Professor V. H. Havinson, for 40 years there is no such drug as Cortexin, and it is recognized by all practitioners in the territories of CIS countries is highly effective in the treatment of brain diseases, especially age-related degenerative pathologies, including Alzheimer’s disease. His own younger brother — Pineale just going through a phase of detailed study, biological science: cultural (experimental laboratory) and molecular mathematical modeling (math — an exact science). The results are staggering, they have tipped a big future in drug efficacy and safety in the treatment of age-related neurodegenerative diseases of the brain. Differently than a panacea, it’s not called.

At the moment, because of its safety and lack of status of the drug Pineale named Bud, and successfully sold through the trade network. Epitalon — peptide — neuroimmune endocrine generals and the gold standard of longevity has a universal ability to restore the structure and function of all organs and tissues, it is the extract of the pineal gland, exists in injectable form and has a certificate of the medicine. In the pharmacy trade is not sold, but to obtain a course of treatment may in Saint-Petersburg in predictive medicine clinic “the Tree of life.” Also, the peptide exists in an encapsulated form for oral administration. It is the extract of tissue is called Andaluces and was as BAD, it can be purchased through the trade network. Biokinesiology the peptide AEDG exists in injectable form and on an experimental basis this treatment can be obtained in the clinic, “Tree of life”.

With regard to peptide of 18 amino acid residues to the accompanying antibiotic therapy, alas, it was only the pilot phase was not carried out even pre-clinical studies. But these experiments are striking, and the drug will be comprehensively studied because of its unique properties and high demand. This is an amazing discovery.

What do you think, will bioregulatory peptides a popular means of improving health in the hope of achieving longevity? Let’s discuss in our chat in Telegram.

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