As charged AirPods? Enthusiast reveal all the secrets

AirPods wireless headphones need no introduction. This is a popular product that has won the loyalty of users worldwide. And for good reason – along with Apple products, the headphones work as a whole. Obviously, ease of use and convenience was the cornerstone in the development of AirPods. The company even invented a special way of charging your headphones, enabling you to quickly and safely recharge charge their headphones.

As found by a Reddit user, charging and headphone case AirPods 2 occurs in several stages. For their tests enthusiast using the supplied power pack iPhone at 5 watts. Here’s what he found out.

  • When connecting the adapter, you first start to charge the headphones: and in the strengthened mode, on the capacity of 2.35 watts.
  • Typically, after 3.5 minutes the current is limited to — the energy between the headset and the case starts to be distributed evenly;
  • Upon reaching 90% battery AirPods, the case begins to charge at high power;
  • In the end, completely headphones charged for 30 minutes on a full charge of the case takes 2 hours;
  • All three batteries (one in the case and two headphones) is produced during charging 1.7 W⋅h, while the whole process takes about 2.5 W⋅h of electricity.

A Reddit user notes that the charging circuit AirPods really impressive. Everything is built in such a way as to provide the user the ability to quickly charge the headphones during the first minutes allowed to reproduce for 2-3 hours. Unlike many other manufacturers of wireless headphones, Apple approached this issue really thoroughly.

The author of the experiment emphasizes that the use of a powerful power supply when charging AirPods just makes no sense — the charging rate will not change. For these purposes, it is quite usual adapter iPhone at 5 watts.

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