As for iPhone, there was a glass screen cover

Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that the original iPhone was the most advanced and breakthrough smartphone at the time of its release. Capacitive touch, Multi-Touch – none of the competitors did not offer anything like that. One innovation can also be described as coating of the display from a special aluminosilicate glass. The original iPhone was the first smartphone with a glass-like protective coating. How is the company managed? Says the chief operating officer of Apple Jeff Williams.

According to Williams, the original iPhone at the time of his announcement had a plastic protective coating. But everything changed one case.

Just a few days after the presentation of Macworld 2007, Steve jobs complained to Williams at the scratches on the iPhone’s display, which appeared after wearing in your pocket.

We need glass — then said jobs.

Williams did not agree with the founder of Apple. According to him, the development of such glass may take several years. What jobs said the following:

No, you don’t understand. When it will be sold in June, it needs to be glass. I don’t know how we’ll do it, but when it comes out in June it will be glass.

Two days later, with Williams contacted Corning CEO Wendell weeks.

“Your boss called and said that my screen sucks,” said wicks.

As a result of this initiative, teams of Apple and Corning have begun to cooperate among themselves. Work on the project durable tempered material only lasted a few months. At the end of March 2007 Corning claims the formula of chemical processed glass. The basis was taken as a pilot project, 1957, chemist, Corning Glass Works.

Thanks to the efforts of Steve jobs and Williams, strong tempered glass not only managed to reinvent the lab of Corning, but in the short term to develop the technology of its manufacture.

Initially it was assumed that Corning is not able to supply the required amount of glasses. That is why the specs of the original iPhone, was noted the plastic covering the screen. Exactly 11 days before the start of sales, the company changed this feature.

The production began in may 2007. By June, the company has produced a number of glasses that they could cover seven football fields. Subsequently, innovative glass coating called Gorilla Glass.

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