As Google changes the multitasking in Android Q

Multitasking on Android has come a long way. During the existence of the “green robot” the developers a few times they changed the multitasking, has not yet led to the kind in which we know it now. However, it would be naive to assume that the work on optimization has been completed and release the first beta version of Android Q Google confirmed it. However, this time I decided not to bring anything new, but merely to improve the old.

Few paid attention, but in the Android Q there was a tool like bubbles, or Bubbles. They are designed to provide a quick switch between recently run applications like instant messengers. Every time you will receive a new message on the smartphone screen will appear the corresponding “bubble”, clicking on which will open a compact window with the ability to respond to the other party and quickly switch to another, even if he contacts you in another app.

Comfortable multi-tasking

But “bubbles” can be used not only by messengers, but when working with other programs and utilities. Thanks to them, it will be convenient to switch from email to calendar, calendar reminders and so on. It is possible that the idea Google has tossed third-party developers who have realized in their such system of multitasking in the form of a separate add-on. In the presented video shows that the movement of the “bubbles” can significantly reduce time costs, we use switching.

“Bubbles” has already proved its efficiency in the past. Albeit in a slightly different form, they have been implemented and successfully applied in macOS and tablet version of iOS, which is presented in a separate tab, “Recently launched applications”. So it will be really great if Google won’t restrict developers Android Q, giving the opportunity to turn the smartphone on the basis of “green robot” in a more efficient working tool that’s extremely convenient.

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