As Huawei no Android will change the smartphone market

Ban USA on the use of Android in smartphones, Huawei may have a negative impact on the Google and the popularity of its operating system. Despite the fact that while the role of victim is assigned to the Chinese, they can start a great change of the mobile device market, which it was since its formation. Let us think, what consequences can lead the United States attempt to suppress Huawei.

A few months ago, when the trade confrontation between China and the United States is gaining momentum, executives of Huawei in the questions about what the company will do if it will be deprived of access Android, replied that that will never happen. However, the escalating conflict has led to the fact that Huawei began to behave less categorical. Representatives of the company acknowledged that indeed has developed its own operating system in case of prohibition of Android.

Huawei Android without

Given that we live in the era of globalization, to predict such an outcome was impossible. In the end, Google is a private Corporation and, therefore, has the right to choose with whom to do business, even if its partners are not satisfied with the government. But the power of state coercion was stronger the democratic foundations, being able to wipe out years of success in business a Corporation that has achieved unprecedented heights for a few years.

The realization that this could happen with any other company, will become a serious stimulus for development for each of them. Now it is clear that Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo and other players in the market who have something to lose, will develop its own operating system in order to prevent its collapse by the decision of a foreign leader. Well, if Huawei can keep its position without Android, it is likely that the rest will voluntarily give up the services of Google in favor of its own, albeit less developed, but certainly more reliable platforms, not waiting until they forcibly close access.

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