As Huawei will double the performance of smartphones?


According to a new report, the company Huawei is working on technology that will be able to double the performance of its smartphones. Such powerful devices can see the light shortly after launch the first 5G network. It should be noted that Huawei is the third vendor of the world market of smart phones after Samsung and Apple.


Huawei is one of the leading vendors of smartphones in the world and the company wanted to reduce its need for third-party components. After all, self-made components help to reduce production costs. It is not excluded that Huawei wants to compete with Qualcomm, the dominant mobile chipset. A new message addressed Ro (Ro) pages gsmarena.comrelates to the new chipset Kirin. And we are not talking about Kirin 980.

Its latest chip HiSilicon Kirin 970 the company closer to top-end hardware from Qualcomm, but Kirin 970 is not yet able to compete with Snapdragon 845 for pure performance, although it has an important advantage — the world’s first chip of artificial intelligence.

Sources indicate that yet to be announced Kirin 980 will finally be able to compete with the flagship chipset from Qualcomm that will be achieved through application of an improved 7-nanometer process from TSMC, which is rumored to be the main advantage of the Mate 20.

However, have already appeared and the message is much more powerful chipset — the Kirin 1020. Citing “sources” reported that the Chinese tech giant is preparing the release of this twice more efficient than Kirin 970, chipset.

Unfortunately, to date, unknown to any details, but with reference to the “source” further notes that the mass production of Kirin 1020 will be launched in time for the launch of the first 5G networks, and shortly thereafter he will find a use in the new devices of the company.

To discuss the benefits that will give such a productive chip, as Kirin 1020, readers can Telegram chat.

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