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Apps for scanning documents, I learned years, probably 6-7 ago. I would not say that I often have something scanned, but every time I had to go to a neighbor who had a scanner, I felt a sense of inner discomfort. So when I saw on the news that the App Store free download scanning app Scanner Pro, which in normal times is 229 rubles, I really very happy. Because at this point killed two birds, I have learned that in principle there are such apps, and downloaded the best solution for free. That’s only on Android separate version of Scanner Pro for some reason was not. So I started to look for a replacement.

Run on friends to scan a document? More there’s no need

Cool chips iOS, which I am sorely lacking on Android

At first I used the app Tiny Scanner. It was very similar to Scanner Pro, and design, and available features. However, some of the features that I used in Scanner Pro, was not there. I really miss the auto mail file in the cloud, automatic text recognition, which sometimes was very useful, and auto-image, not to mention the possibility to sign documents. So I began to search further until you’ve stumbled on Microsoft Office Lens.

Best app document scanner

Microsoft Office Lens very deeply synchronized with cloud services, and it is comfortable

Microsoft Office Lens was a very handy scanner, which in many respects surpassed even Scanner Pro is my favorite. Despite the fact that he does not support the auto-image, he has a lot of other features that really come in handy when working with documents.

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The first thing I appreciated was the interface. The app immediately opened the camera, without forcing me to scour the interface in search of the appropriate button, which apps to scan for some reason, usually make a small and unnoticeable. Immediately above the shutter button, I was prompted to select a photo from those stored in my gallery. That is, in fact, you can turn scanned not just a picture of a document, but in General any picture that you have.

Scanning photos on Android

The auto image — very cool feature which helps the user not to edit the self

Microsoft Office Lens not only supports the regular gallery, but third-party cloud services like Google Photos or Google Drive, not to mention the regular OneDrive. Therefore, if you do not have a desired image on the device, but there is in the cloud, you can associate your Microsoft account, and Google and pull up images for scanning directly from the “Google Photos”. It’s super-convenient, given that it is often almost no opportunity to engage the centering and cropping of the frame in place, and you need to quickly take a picture, as, for example, when contacting state agencies.

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Microsoft Office Lens do not have the same Autolock feature as Scanner Pro. I say “same” because it’s presented in a slightly different form. If Scanner Pro itself defines the boundaries of the document itself triggers the shutter, Microsoft Office Lens makes capable only of defining the boundaries and release the shutter the user needs. However, in most cases, Office Lens copes with its task and keeps focus on the document or selected element. The result is the don’t have any way to adjust. It remains only to apply a filter to scan and confirm saving, and then the fly automatically to OneDrive or Google Photos, depending on what you use.

Scan documents from your phone

If you are not satisfied, you can adjust the way you want

However, in Microsoft Office Lens is a super-convenient crop feature. Thanks to it you can photograph the document as you like, and then align it using the built-in tools. In crop mode the image is superimposed special frame with movable sides, which can move left and right, up and down, due to what can “pull” even frankly bad picture taken at an angle.

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I tried several scanning applications, including Adobe Scan, a built-in scanner in Google Drive and a regular scanner iOS from the app “Files”, but Microsoft Office Lens is my personal favorite. Yes, it’s not suitable for signing documents, and this is its disadvantage, so you have to resort to alternative methods. Personally I for these purposes use the regular Mail app on iOS, so to abandon the Apple ecosystem I don’t. And why, if you can not limit yourself in the choice?

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