As LG struggles with the theft of their technology

Many have heard about the huge amount of contributions that holders of patents on any technology. The most sensational case recently associated with endless trial of two frenemies Apple and Samsung, but there are less obvious things that also lead to consequences that changes if not the industry then at least a redistribution of interaction between the companies. An occasion once again to talk about it given LG. Let’s deal.

Often technology is running out like sand through fingers.

Smartphones LG

Recently the company LG are not very good. Especially for smartphones, released under this brand. It’s hard to say a consequence of which it became. Probably a combination of factors, which is usually fatal.

Lately, smartphones are not bad, but some not enough to be worth a lot of money. To recall the model LG G6, which was literally a walking contradiction, but cost more than 50 000. However, she was given lavish gifts, but the price was still unreasonable.

A second factor in the failure of the company, in my opinion, was the incorrect advertising activity. Smartphones of the brand is never advertised, except for rare bursts of activity. But even in these moments for them was not some beautiful story or a fascinating implementation of advertising. Something it was like the promotion of washing powder among seniors and persons assimilated to them.

The third and perhaps most significant factor was the emergence of strong competitors. The Chinese in the face of Huawei Honor, OPPO, OnePlus, and many others pressed forward on all fronts, offering the same gadgets for less money or better quality for the same.

Ha the start of sales of this Huawei P20 Pro was much better contemporaries from LG, but not worth more.

Amid all this, the mobile division of the company gradually began to take positions. Personally, I would have never bought LG after the experience of the use of certain models. If you have the opposite experience, let’s discuss this in our Telegram chat.

Patent wars

I mentioned the confrontation between Apple and Samsung, which from time to time erupts anew, illuminating the media with fines for violating intellectual property rights. In this case, the amount is such that it is easier to write the word “billion” than counting the zeroes in that amount.

There were cases of patent infringement from Apple, when she was accused that she does not pay Qualcomm prescribed royalties for the use of the disputed chips.

In most cases, such disputes lead to the settlement agreement. Everyone understands that it is easier to agree among themselves on the fine and continue to cooperate than to continue to wage war, the outcome of which is known to all.

How companies protect their rights

Since the LG is a very large company, it has a lot of own and purchased patents. Among them are even very good. At the same time, they do not apply only to smartphones, as the company is engaged in a much broader range of electronics.

Sometimes LG offers an interesting solution, only its feasibility raises questions.

Have Koreans patents in the field of LTE networks. Just about this the other day and broke the next scandal. The company filed a lawsuit against TCL in Germany. The subject of an upcoming proceeding is an alleged violation of three patents by LG.

The company claims that before sue, long time trying to solve the issue that is called, amicably, but these attempts were not successful.

Consider the LG patents relate to the business TLС in the field of smartphones. Without going into details, it should be said that the development relate to the reduction of losses during transmission and noise reduction.

Speaking of patents... Here is some interesting information about the Samsung patents.

Such claims the company was already BLU. This one ended in a settlement agreement. Now, in addition to an upcoming trial with TCL, Koreans argue with Wiko on a similar issue.

As you can see, the most effective solution to patent disputes comes down to starting the trial. Most likely, then everything will be resolved amicably. That is just why usually all ends? The answer has already been voiced above. Everyone knows who is right, just play a role, demonstrating that you don’t want to give up. But when the financial and reputational costs become too much, it becomes easier just to agree. This is the custom, the practice of such proceedings.

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