As manufacturers of Android-smartphone cheat their customers

Some manufacturers deliberately missed security updates for its smartphones, claiming that they have installed. This convinced the experts in the field of information security company Security Research Labs. They analyzed more than 1000 devices, many of which have fooled users.

The study found that some smartphones, including the manufacturer of the first echelon, and received less from one to twelve security updates. Despite this, the system is stopped manual search for updates, displaying a message that already installed on the device current software version.

As a rule, experts say, “empty” builds of updates are observed on smartphones based on MediaTek processors. On average, these smartphones not receive more than half of the required updates. Smartphones, the hardware which are based on Qualcomm’s chips, on average, lose only one update.

According to representatives of Security Research Labs, some manufacturers simply changed the date of issue of the same updates, deliberately ignoring the safety of their customers. Unfortunately, the experts did not name brands that does so. To verify the presence of updates will help the app SnoopSnitch.

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