As mine Aeternity? Features of cryptocurrency mining profitability and AE settings miner

Bitcoin began to please a gradual increase since April, but now the course of the coin sank. Against this background, there are growing signs of the coming season of growth of altcoins. For example, in the second half of may on the chart Ethereum formed figure of the “Golden cross”, and in General interest in alternatives to Bitcoin is increasing. Today meet one of them. The creators of Aeternity focus on smart contracts, and scalability on a global scale, while production of a coin competes in profitability with ETC.

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What is Aeternity AE

Aeternity — the project hails from 2017. The home page of the official website then talks about the main idea of the developers that they have invested in the project. Is a scalable smart contracts to interact with the data from the real world. Also a big part of the attention falls on the decentralized application.

Source: Aeternity

The programmers themselves believe in evolution systems and society, so I want to create innovations. The ultimate goal is to make the blockchain understandable and useful for the masses.

Features Aeternity

Key differences between the project developers have listed in a separate block of information on the website. According to them, æternity — the answer to all the challenges that are in the niche blockchain products.

Features the following:

  1. Turing complete smart contracts for the credible conduct of the transaction without the participation of third parties and intermediaries;
  2. the mechanism of consensus — achieved through hybrid Cuckoo Cycle Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS);
  3. separate channels to enter the smart-contracts outside the chain. The blockchain uses the code only if there is disagreement between the parties;
  4. oracles for communication of real data with smart contracts. The developers call them first-class objects on the blockchain;
  5. management implemented by members of the network. Miners, holders, and other parties influence the decision-making for possible changes.

Source: Aeternity

Indicators of Aeternity (AE)

Today the coin is 50 cents. The capitalization of the project exceed 134 million dollars, the auction is equivalent to 37 million. The turnover of 267 million coins.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Coin with the symbol AE, is the sixth top ten of the world rankings. The maximum rate recorded April 29, 2018 5.86 USD.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Where to buy Aeternity

AE is traded on many exchanges. Holds the largest share in trading ZB 60 percent. Of the more famous is OKEx, Binance, Huobi and Coinbene.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Dominated by trading pairs with USDT, but you can find BTC, ETH, BNB and other coins.

Purse Aeternity

Wallets for Aeternity interesting solutions for other cryptocurrencies. In short: users need two applications. The first holds the keys, and the second helps to carry out the transaction.

Source: Airgap

To begin, set AirGap Vault. There is a version for iOS and Android. Links can also be found on the official website of the product.

Source: Airgap

Task Vault — to store keys and sign transactions. That is why the developers recommend to allocate the application a separate smartphone that does not leave the network. This need for additional security. If the second device is not — okay. You can perform operations with one.

The second is the AirGap Wallet. It helps to conduct transactions and is suitable for free access to the network. Between applications linked through QR codes.

For example, to translate you must first request a transfer in the AirGap Wallet, then sign the transaction in a Vault, and then scan the committed transaction within the Wallet and verify their identity by entering a password or fingerprint.

Source: Airgap

Level security. Here is a downloadable Wallet for Android and here for iOS.

The easiest option: getting an address on the exchange, for example, Binance. It can also be used for the extraction of AE, although the safety of this decision below.

Mining Aeternity

Mining Aeternity AE is working on an algorithm Cuckoo Cycle and uses the Bitcoin Protocol NG. There is an important difference — the latter consists of generations.

Each generating unit consists of two components:

  • the key block is created every 180 seconds and does not contain transactions. It requires the solution to PoW-tasks;
  • microblocks — created every 3 seconds contains transactions that does not require action on the part of the mechanism of consensus Proof-of-Work. Instead, they get the cryptographic signature to be considered valid.

It turns out that transactions need only three seconds. Latest AE have mined in the year 2134. Overall, the situation of supply and inflation Aeternity will develop.

Source: Aeternity Forum

In turn, the miners receive a reward for completing two tasks:

  • mining’s key components — this increases the total number of tokens in accordance with the curve of inflation;
  • the inclusion of transactions in mikroblogi — this is the Commission for conducting transactions. They are distributed in the ratio of 40:60 between the miners the previous and next blocks, respectively. The total number of tokens in circulation mikroblogi not affected.

The reward for the block is dynamic, the actual figure — 344 AE. The number varies according to this table.

What mine Aeternity

Cuckoo Cycle supports cards Nvidia or AMD with at least 4GB of memory. Dig recommend using Bminer To download miner go to the link and downloaded the files. Password — 2miners.

Where mine Aeternity. Mining-pool AE

Mine Aeternity recommend on pool 2Miners: there are PPLNS and SOLO. To start editing .bat file from the archive and enter the relevant data. YOUR_LOGIN is provided a wallet that starts at ak_.

For example, ak_seGPwMQ4c9LnkKLKpZCkgrDFB7Sqoliwzkfv8jlo2ld8e1qcm.

In addition IMAGERY change is the name and will be displayed in the statistics of the miner. Field is optional but in the case of edit use not more 32 characters. To enter approach the Latin alphabet, digits, and characters “-” and “_”.

As a result, the settings should be as follows:

bminer -uri aeternity://YOUR_LOGIN.RIG_ID:[email protected]:4040

And then the payments will go.

Source: 2Miners

Settings Aeternity mining to NiceHash

Pool Aeternity working with services of renting mining capacities. Here are the settings for NiceHash.

Algorithm: CuckooCycle.
Pool Host:
Workername: YOUR_ADDRESS.
Password: x (letters [x]).

The profitability of mining Aeternity

Income from mining AE we learn through WhatToMine. For the pastry take eight cards Nvidia 1080 Ti, which in theory give 59,2 h/s. Consumption of 1520 watts, the cost per kilowatt-hour set at 5 cents.

Source: WhatToMine

Get 5.54 dollar profit for a day’s work. By the way, it is almost comparable with the result of Ethereum Classic. Periodically, the benefits of mining ahead of Aeternity ETC and even competes with the ETH.

Source: WhatToMine


Aeternity — another decent blockchain project. Coin pleased with the unusual approach to the work network while working fast. Especially important good profit production. Thanks to this AE looks good even in comparison to the industry legends in the form of Ethereum Classic.

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  3. RCoinUSA Developers have outstanding bill for Block Explorer This remains unpaid for over two months PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY to avoid Developer Fund (Premine) Destruction and Blockchain Takeover by new developers – THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!

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