As mine Nervos CKB? Especially coins, create a wallet and configure the miner

Worthy new cryptocurrency this year appeared a little. First of all, comes to mind Grin, mannet which launched in January. The project works successfully and even recently received 50 bitcoins in donations from an anonymous benefactor. Now turn to run came to Nervos. Deal with the project and mining cryptocurrencies.

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What is a Nervos and token CKB

Nervos Network — blockchain ecosystem with open source. Its developers want to help users of cryptocurrency, solving the problems of Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are talking about scaling effectively and increase the value of the token by storing other cryptocurrency on the blockchain network. The project will support smart contracts, decision scaling of the second level and to resist censorship.

We will remind, the decision of the second level are implemented on top of the main chain and does not require changes to the existing blockchain. They work outside of the actual block chain and allow the load off the network. An example of the Protocol of the second level is the Lightning Network, the network Bitcoin.

CKByte — native token Nervos CKB. CBK useful for storing assets in the blockchain and execution of smart contracts. He scales simultaneously with the creation of other tokens, assets, data and smart contracts within the network. The developers expect the growth of demand for the token CKByte along with the growth of the network Nervos that sounds logical.

Nervos. Source: 2Биткоина

Here are the important features of the network and crypto currency that set the developers.

  • almost infinite scalability of the blockchain;
  • a tiny transaction cost;
  • the security of the main chain.

The project supported major investments, which represent Sequoia China, Polychain Capital, Multicoin Capital and FBG Capital. The total funding amounted to $ 28 million. Read more about the project, we wrote in a separate article.

Where to buy Nervos CKB

Because developers would be well-prepared to launch, the project has supported many exchanges and pools. For example, the coin definitely has to HotBit, and BitForex. A complete list of exchanges will be known after the appearance of Nervos CKB on CoinMarketCap and other similar services.

To register for HotBit easy. We recorded the video with subtitles in Russian.

Wallet for Nervos CKB

For mining we recommend you to obtain purse on the exchange and mine on him. We recommend HotBit and BitForex. Instructions for registering for HotBit above in the video. To obtain a wallet go to exchange, find a coin CKB and click “new address for the Deposit.”

Deposit address for Nervos CKB. Source: HotBit

Here is the notice on reception of deposits on BitForex.

Deposit address for Nervos CKB. Source: BitForex

If you don’t trust the exchanges, you can use the official generator of the purse. You can download it at the link.

The finished purse. Source: Neuron Key Manager

Mining Nervos. What mine CKB

Nervos CKB is working on an algorithm Eaglesong. The award for the block — 1133.05 CKB. For the extraction of suitable video cards from Nvidia and AMD.

Miner. Source: 2Биткоина

Nervos CKB minim with Gminer, which can be downloaded in this archive. Password 2miners. He also is on GitHub, the current version is 1.74.

Gminer. Source: GitHub

Repeat: miner suitable for both card manufacturers — Nvidia and AMD. HiveOS have the same good results as on Windows.

Where mine Nervos. Settings miner CKB

Mine Nervos CKB recommend the bullet 2Miners, and together with other miners on PPLNS pool, and alone in SOLO. For this editable .bat file from the archive and specify your data. Correct .bat file looks like this.

miner.exe eaglesong --algo --server --user YOUR_ADDRESS.RIG_ID --pass x

Hasrat pool Nervos CKB. Source: 2Miners

Instead YOUR_ADDRESS specify your wallet. Recall that we are on the exchange.

For example, ckb1qyqy5vmywpty6p72wpvm0xqys8pdtxqf6cmsr8p2l0.

Also change RIG_ID is the name that will appear in the statistics of the miner. Field is optional, so you can leave it blank. Otherwise, use not more 32 characters. Fit the Latin alphabet, digits, and characters “-” and “_”.

For example, rig-1.

After running and sending the ball will be able to check their own statistics. To do this, enter the wallet address in the search box at the top. It will look like.

The stats of your miner on the pool Nervos CKB. Source: 2Miners

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