As of iOS 12.2 improves the function of not track in Safari

The function of the track, which disappeared from early beta versions of iOS 12.2, since it could be used by owners of sites for secret tracking of users returned to the system in an updated form. Now, if you believe the content of the report, published in the official blog of Apple, dedicated to WebKit, it has become more smart and advanced. This will minimize the risk of user tracking based on data about their online activities.

In contrast to the original function of the track, an updated version allows you to store cookies from different sites, which were discovered trackers, together and reduces the permissible retention period to 7 days, whereas previously it was 30 days. In addition, we reworked the model pop-up blocking in Safari, which are now blocked before a user accidentally call them by clicking on the active component of the website.

Do not track in Safari

Changes designed to prevent further discovery, which was made the sites even when the function is activated the track. As it turned out, some of them have learned to circumvent the algorithms that block the tracking, and thus received the confidential information. But the worst part about this story is that users were absolutely sure that their online activities are protected and cannot be read.

However, what Apple is doing, really worthy of respect. The company strives to ensure the security of its users on all possible levels, knowing that their actions can lead to violation of the existing online business models. However, I believe in Cupertino, the user’s right to privacy shall not be abridged under any circumstances, and precautions such anonymisation on the collected data cannot justify the mere fact of collecting.

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