As people colonize our galaxy?

Mankind has long been wondering about whether life on other planets , and dreams of one day not only find, but also to fly to other worlds outside our Solar system. To dream become a reality, you need somewhere to start. In the nearest plans — the conquest of the moon, then Marsand then other planets. But what will happen after? If we can develop the necessary technology that will allow to carry out flights between the stars (billions and billions of kilometers), how would it look?

As humanity colonized the milky Way?

Chinese scientists have developed a computer model that shows the most likely scenario of settlement of humanity throughout our galaxy the milky Way.

The model was created with the expectation that humanity has already developed all the necessary technology and has all the resources necessary for such galactic colonization. According to their estimates, this should happen in about ten years.

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The team first calculated the appropriate routes for the settlement of 100 000 planetary systems that researchers have identified the space as suitable for potential settlement.

According to the idea of scientists, flying between the stars will be carried out with the help of vast so-called ships of generations of ships, on Board of which during the trip will be replaced by hundreds of thousands of generations of people. About this concept we wrote about in one of our previous articles.

Something like this in view, scientists might look ship of generations

In the computer model shows how the process of resettlement of mankind begins with the fact that starships (blue and green bars) are leaving the Solar system (orange dot). When reaching a suitable settlement of the planet, people are basing it of the colony. The planets themselves become new starting points for further resettlement of mankind (red bars). The whole process resembles the explosions of fireworks. By the end of the simulation mankind has mastered the Sleeve of Perseus is one of the main spiral arms of our galaxy.

Video process can be viewed below:

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