As really need to protect your skin from the sun

Summer is approaching, and that means many of us will be spending time in the sun, enjoying a holiday by the sea. If you have chosen for yourself this holiday, then you should take care to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Surely you already know how to do it, but dermatologist John Zampella believes that the majority is wrong to use sunscreen.

During a prolonged stay under the sun you can get burned. This is not the worst. Sunburns can lead to skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common and at the same time preventable forms of cancer. How to protect yourself properly?

Most dermatologists say that sunbathing is harmful, but we all know that very few people will refuse this type of holiday. To be outdoors in the summer need. Left to ensure that it was safe.

According to John Zampella, apply sunscreen daily, regardless of weather, will be a good and useful habit. He says that it is possible to include this ritual in the morning hygienic procedures, and it will protect your skin not only from cancer but also from aging.

The dermatologist believes that the absorption of a smaller quantity of vitamin D is not so bad, if it decreases the time of sun exposure to the skin in order to protect it.

If you are at the beach, a morning application of sunscreen will not be enough. You need to apply the cream every two hours. It just so happened that the protection of the skin really effective for two hours after application. After two hours the indicator of the degree of protection (SPF) falls.

By the way, recommended a cream with SPF index of not less than 30 and it is worth remembering that three hours after application, this indicator can remain at the same level.

We found out that sunscreen should always carry in the summer. And how to apply it?

John Zampella claims that places such as the neck and the tops of the ears often became foci of skin cancer. The reason is that people forget about these sensitive areas when applying sunscreen. You need to carefully RUB the cream neck and ears and head if it don’t have much hair.

And one last tip: prefer sun creams instead of sprays. According to the dermatologist sprays too much dissipate into the air instead of having to be on your skin.

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