As records video Huawei P20 — example slow motion

Last week, Huawei has devoted has not yet announced the flagships of the two rollers. They have hinted at the presence of the telephoto lens and large capacity flash. All this supposedly will be enough to compete with professional cameras. The real capabilities of the smartphone showed the Twitter user.

Example time-lapse Huawei P20 shared user under the name @Ricciolo1, reports GizmoChina. The video captured the guy who does backflips from the wall.

The source did not specify what kind of model shoots — P20 or P20 Pro. P20 in Light of this function should not be.

Also the author of the post did not specify the number of frames per second. It is not excluded that the new P20 can compete with 960 fps in the new Galaxy S9. Discuss the benefits of smartphones in an official telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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