As Samsung is preparing for a New year with a 5G

Как Samsung готовится к эпохе 5G

The New 2019 consumers will be able to experience the benefits of 5G networks. It has soon become one of the major events in the technology industry. Of course, the connection of the fifth generation will be available everywhere. In addition to the technical capabilities ensure the required speed operators are also required and phones that support the network of the fifth generation. New message indicates the ongoing company Samsung, which is one of the leaders of high technology training to the era of the fifth generation of mobile networks and its fourth flagship, the Galaxy S10.

So far, the Network has considered three models of the upcoming flagship generation Galaxy S10 from Samsung — SM-G970, SM-G973 SM-G975. The fourth version was a surprise, said Ro (Ro) on the resource page with reference to

It is reported about a possible 5G versions Galaxy S10 to the markets of America and South Korea

A new addition to the rumors about the upcoming release of the leader of the global smartphone market top-end mobile devices has become a model SM-G977. We consider only two (not three, as one would assume) version of this smart phone is SM — G977U (us version), SM-G977N (Korean version). SM-G977F (European version) has not been considered. Today, one can only imagine what kind of smartphone will be shown the fourth in the next generation of one of the most popular lines of Android flagships.

Why Galaxy S10 with support for 5G have not yet been considered

The probability that the model number is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with support for fifth generation networks (5G). And that this could explain the absence at the moment of information intended for the European market version of the device in question. It will either appear later or Samsung not sure that European operators should be able to quickly launch 5G network.

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