As Samsung smartphones will accelerate in 2019?

5G mobile communication is slowly but surely creeps into our lives. In August 2018, the company Oppo has successfully tested the world’s first 5G smartphone, and in Russia, an accelerated Internet will appear by the end of 2021. Manufacturers of mobile devices, you need to prepare smartphones for more rapid acceptance and recording of information, and Samsung is already making the first steps. It is reported that in 2019, its devices will work with information much faster than before.

To achieve high speed, the company will cease to use the drives with UFS 2.1. Instead, they will involve modules with UFS 3.0, in which the data transfer rate reaches 23.2 GB/s. support 3D NAND, along with the increase in speed will occur and the extension of memory.

It is believed that smartphones will no longer be equipped with 64 GB of memory. Users will be able to model drives on a 128, 256 and 512 GB. By 2021 on the shelves will be devices with 1 TB internal memory, and that very few people will surprise.

Fast memory

The company also intends to speed up RAM smartphones. In the near future this will not happen, but by 2020, smartphones will be embedded memory modules LPDDR5. If the bandwidth of RAM smartphones does not exceed 25 GB/s, in the future this figure will be equal to a 51.2 GB/s. it is Also expected that with new RAM modules, the battery will be spent on 20% slower.

Of course, new technologies can increase the cost of smartphones. However, this step is necessary because with the introduction of 5G-Internet load on smartphones will increase.

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