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We are all accustomed to the fact that the smartphone can be purchased with a single click. To do this, go to the website of any online store, choose the model and arrange the delivery. Or even easier, passing by the salon to go to buy a smartphone and go on. All this just for us, but not for sellers, because they, these smartphones also have someone to buy. Here is where the problems start.

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How to buy a smartphone cheap?

Many people know a scheme to purchase smartphones and accessories in foreign online stores. On the one hand, too anything difficult in this. I paid for the specified address and wait two to three weeks. The smartphone will bring the buyer gets it, and will be able to use it.

Most of the smartphones ordered from China. Also a large amount comes from the United States, especially Apple technology, which is order through special services.

In such delivery methods have certain drawbacks and some risk. When you order something by mail, it can be lost or stolen. Even if you use verified services delivery, there is still a risk of damage to the goods during delivery. You say that there is buyer protection, and you’re right. Here are just a buyer, though always right, but his right he sometimes has a long to prove. As a minimum, you will need to do to make a complaint.

I’m not saying this method is bad. The vast majority of customers receive their order and even more or less on time, but the risk is still there, and it is significantly higher than when buying in a conventional store or online store. You just have to consider that buying may be a little marred by the process of refund for damaged or lost goods.

How to buy a lot of smartphones

Now in the overall development and understanding of the process and analysis of why the smartphones in the Russian retail are more expensive than when ordering from overseas, consider a procedure through which importers.

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First and foremost, it should be understood that there are three main ways of procurement. When selecting the first batch of goods is purchased in Russia from another importer who has undertaken the procedures, which are discussed below. In this case the company buys a party in which every smartphone will cost more than selecting one of the two remaining paths.

The cost increase is due to the fact that the procedure through which an importer requires an investment of time and money, plus the storage of goods in the warehouse until sold. All this for a cost that should be transferred to the finished product.

The second method is the grey import smartphones. Taking them in suitcases contingent of tourists, in the hidden cavities of the car, and sometimes even himself strapped in bandages to the body. The validity of this method is very dubious, and therefore to talk about him, we will not.

The third way to import batch of smartphones on the territory of Russia will complete the procedure of purchase with the manufacturer before placing on the shelf. It’s harder the first two, but with the right approach, the costs may be lower, which will affect the final cost of the product. About this method today, and we’ll talk.

How to buy a smartphone from the manufacturer

Before you buy a batch of the smartphones manufacturer, who is going to do should be mindful of the need of goods crossing border of the Russian Federation. For this, during customs clearance, he will need to provide the following documents:

  • notification of the FSB
  • Declaration of conformity TR CU
  • additional documents on the accessories included in the package

For further implementation need another Declaration of conformity of means of communication, but custom does not require it. Need it for legitimate sale on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Notification of the FSB

This document represents the notification of the Ministry on the importation into the country of devices containing encryption. The device itself to provide the customs service is not necessary, but without papers do not work.

The document is drawn up in Russian, signed by the representative of the manufacturer or importer. In the latter case, will need authorization from the manufacturer. The document is valid no more than two weeks, and to make it necessary for all imported devices that have different encryption type. If all imported devices have the same encryption type, only one document.

Declaration of conformity TR CU

The abbreviation TR TC stands for Technical regulation of the Customs Union. To obtain the Declaration of conformity you will first have to test the smartphone. If several models, you will need to provide samples of each model. If the item is already in a customs warehouse, samples will have from this party.

The tests represent a validation of electromagnetic radiation and some other tests. After successful completion it is necessary to record the Declaration and then to carry the main party smartphones.

If the importer first ordered the smartphones and only then engaged in their registration, he will have to pay for the storage of goods in the warehouse of the customs service until testing will take place.

Documents accessories

In addition to the smartphone, allowing documents must be executed and additional accessories. For example, if included is a charger and headphones, they also have to obtain appropriate declarations and permits.

To do this, they will also have to provide a special laboratory for research and studies. Then, to obtain permits and provide to customs.

Declaration of means of communication

Among other things, for the lawful sale of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation, will need a document confirming the device meets the requirements of Federal law №126 “On communication”. The procedure of registration of the document takes on average 30 days. To obtain the Declaration will also need the results of production tests and tests of accredited laboratories. At this stage also need to provide samples.

Why register smartphone

The procedure of import and registration will be difficult for those who are just starting to work with it. Large sellers process put on stream, and the problem with it arises.

It would seem that what you need to carry out such complex procedures? At least in theory it should protect the end user from communications with high radiation or represents another danger. In practice it works not so good, but not that bad, there are corresponding service. Major manufacturers and do it all in accordance with the rules, and for them the passage of such procedures is a formality. You can not say about the artisanal production of cheap Chinese phones. Although a little, but there service really guard the security of the buyer.

All of this ultimately affects the cost of the smartphone “on the counter”. However, nobody can forbid you to introduce a smartphone with them from foreign travel. Restrictions on the import is quite high now and import for yourself a pair of smartphones are unlikely to exceed. You will not tell about the delivery of parcel. Here really should think and compare the risks with the obtained benefits.

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