As support for 5G will affect the price of smartphones in 2019

Support for fifth generation networks will increase the price of the next flagship of OnePlus at least $ 100. It is reported the English-language resource Fudzilla, citing sources familiar with the plans. Such a dramatic increase retail prices due to several challenges that accompany the introduction of technology 5G, apparently requiring greater attention due to excessive consumption of CPU resources and battery.

The next OnePlus smartphone will be support for the 5G, will be released next year. It is known that he belongs to an existing line, and will be released in the new lineup. Probably, therefore the manufacturer wants to justify higher prices by pointing out to consumers that they will still be able to buy a flagship device at an affordable price if they are unimportant such function as support networks of the fifth generation.

How will OnePlus 7

According to rumors, the novelty will receive a more innovative appearance, truly edge-to-edge display, and a Snapdragon processor 855, 8 GB of RAM and, most importantly, Qualcomm X50. It will provide the smartphone with the ability to work in networks of the fifth generation at huge speeds. The only difficulty will be finding the region where local operators already support 5G because at first those will be Oh as a little.

To support implementation of 5G will require producers a fair effort. According to people close to the situation, the latest technology, in spite of its perfection, too demanding on the resources of the mobile devices. So demanding, which increases the likelihood not only of falling computing power when performing any other task, but the premature discharge of the battery with the risk of overheating adjacent components.

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