As the ban in the US the popular messaging service WeChat will affect all smartphones

Probably remained in the world of smartphone owner who would not use messengers. It is convenient for daily communication, maintain contact during the day and transfer files. The world’s most popular instant messenger according to various estimates is WhatsApp, but there are others. For example, WeChat which is very popular in China, and lagging behind WhatsApp is not very strong, but takes an increasingly strong position. Now there was a question about blocking this messenger (just as Chinese). It would seem, what in it such, but it can affect the whole industry of smartphones and greatly change not only the ratio of the units, but even the business relationships between companies. This is the case when it is better not to touch it, but who cares?


The prohibition of this messenger everyone goes around comes around.

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Ban TikTok in USA

Everyone knows the story about how Donald trump has threatened to lock TikTok and, apparently, going to make it if someone from the us companies can’t buy it with all the servers and other giblets. Although there is also some murky history to the end not clear, companies are not allowed to buy the TikTok or, conversely, pushing them to do so.

Now there is a new story about what trump may prohibit us companies to have a relationship with messengerim WeChat. If this happens, then this situation can be a real problem not only for companies but for users. What us companies have ganged up on this decision, is further proof of that.

The prohibition of WeChat in the US

Sources in the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple, Intel and numerous tech companies (including Disney, Ford, and Walmart) ”expressed concern” about the extent of the ban on cooperation with WeChat. Companies want the administration to trump clarified the order and ease restrictions.

Samsung smartphones will soon receive Samsung Smartphones will soon receive messenger Googlemessenger from Google

Companies are afraid that they can be completely excluded from the messaging in WeChat. It would seem that there are some other great messengers, but they can not replace communication with the Chinese. That is the company from China right now for many people are important partners and need to communicate.

In a world too many people use WeChat, while in China everything.

China’s WeChat messenger has long gone beyond the simple communication between people. Now it functions as a social network, payment systems, hosting and much more. In the end, almost all active in the digital plan, the Chinese use WeChat and not going to change anything. Even I, when I communicated with representatives of this country, was forced to pass it on WeChat. They do not want to change anything in your life.

In the end, American companies may be on the verge of serious changes that will lead to violations of contacts, but that’s not all. The companies can lose a lot of money.

What information Android users What user data Android can secretly collect TikTokmay secretly collect TikTok

Smartphone sales in China

For example, if popular in China, Apple will prohibit upload in the App Store app WeChat, it can be a real problem, which will reduce the popularity of the company in the market. The market, which represents a fifth of the world’s population. Of course, can be entered local, regional limitations, but a complete ban on work with WeChat can be costly for the company. Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose predictions that Apple almost always come true, predicts in this case a 30 percent decline in Apple’s sales in China. Nobody needs a smartphone, on which you cannot install the main application in the country.

Apple WeChat

Apple just can’t lose WeChat.

Such a ban will lead to an increase in the number of Android smartphones in China. The app will install via APK and calmly to use. If that happens, what smartphones will start to buy people? Of course, Huawei, which is already popular in this country. On this market, the company manages to pull sales at such a level that two consecutive quarters to be the leader in sales in the world. Just imagine how the company will benefit from the fact that millions of Chinese will abandon the iPhone. In the end, it can shift the balance of the price of all smartphones in the world. For example, due to the fact that Apple will have to rethink its pricing policy, and along with the others.

USA has banned Huawei to produce the chips, the US has banned Huawei to produce the chips, but are getting ready to sell them yourgetting ready to sell their

Other companies also have the potential to lose a lot of money. If the Chinese partners already had a claim (and they were in light of the mass of prohibitions and sanctions in recent times), problems with communication can become the last straw of patience. In the end, the US administration need to think hard on what may cause such an effect.

Why want to ban WeChat

The reason for the potential ban of the messenger is simple to banality. He, like other Chinese companies (and services), is accused of collecting user data. In other words, in spying for the Chinese government. China reportedly collects ”massive amounts” of data from users, potentially exposing Americans and Chinese immigrants in the U.S. surveillance from the Communist party of China (CPC). Tencent, which owns WeChat messenger, argues that guarantees the security of user data, but who would believe her, even if it is true?

WeChat Pay

The inability to make payments will put an end to the relations of many companies and people from China.

Do you use WeChat? If you still use Telegram, tell us about it in our chat.

WeChat not only allows you to communicate and advertise, and make the payments. It also potentially allows you to track what Americans do. The only problem is that it also allows you to make payments with residents of China. Simply put, the problems and solutions all less. Let’s see what will happen next, but yet every day we stand on the threshold of great change.

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