As the chip T2 in the Apple helps the professional work

With the release of the iMac Pro, the company has introduced a new generation of chips Apple T2. Today, these co-processors have been successfully used in the latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. We have talked about what is Apple T2, and the tasks assigned to it. But as it turned out, this is not all. Ai reporters learned that the new chip not only provides a high level of security, but also increases Mac performance in some tasks.

As test systems, the experts used the iMac and Mac Mini latest generation. Both computer has the same processor entry-level Intel Core i3-8100. In its performance of the device is completely identical if not to take into account the hard disk. To exclude this factor, the journalists decided to use the external drive for working with files — all in order to get the most honest and unbiased results.

Enthusiasts decided to find out how does the Apple chip T2 on the speed of task execution. To compare the performance of computers, it was decided in the processing of the video. For our tests we used the program HandBrake with the special codec that involve computing experience Apple T2, and Intel Quick Sync Video. The results were as follows.

The difference was huge — the Mac Mini coped almost two times faster than the iMac (2019). It is noteworthy that when another processing algorithm, the difference became even more obvious, but not in favor of compact Apple computer. To eliminate the statistical error, the tests “were run” several times. The final results remained unchanged.

The wildest guesses were confirmed — Apple T2 does increase the performance of Mac in some highly specialized tasks associated with video processing. A good reason to make a choice in favor of the computer with an embedded security chip.

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