As the company sold the technology of laptop computers during the first quarter of 2018’s?


Foundation revealed market research of the Gartner report and its count of international shipments of personal computers “iPads” during the first quarter of 2018, which revealed a continued decline in shipments of these devices for the quarter 14, respectively, for three and a half years, since I didn’t check the shipments of laptop any noticeable progress.

According to the published site techspot American, so the reason behind the decline in shipments of laptops during this quarter, is the low percentage of devices displayed, in addition to the low proportion of available components manufacture of computers, with the rising costs of manufacturing material, which led eventually to the rise in price and thus to lower specifications.

According to the report, fell devices shipped during the quarter increased by 1.4%, bringing the total sold devices iPads this quarter of about 61.7 million devices.

Came HP America, on top of the companies that sold devices iPads during the quarter, they took control of more than 20% of shipments, followed by Lenovo, Dell, then Apple, then ASUS and finally the aesir, in the company “Dell” is the best in terms of growth, while ASUS is more localized farmers.


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