As the defects of the case iPad Pro 2018 is reflected in their sales

The violation of the geometry of the housing of the new iPad Pro, of the dissatisfaction which has expressed even the former Director of worldwide marketing, did not deter consumers. According to the American trade network Best Buy sales tablets new generation remain high, despite the negative image that is generated by some bloggers and thematic publications. Apparently, the desire of apple fans to get the best in the world “the pill” was stronger than the fear of running into a marriage.

The graphs visible characteristic of the new device sales surge in the first days with a natural decline followed by a stabilization of demand, which was not influenced by news about cases of factory defects. With regard to the 12.9-inch version of the interest only intensified because of the seemingly well-established sales again followed by growth. Besides, pointed out the dimensional preferences of those who buy branded tablets Apple new generation.

iPad Pro — is it worth buying

This year’s lineup of iPad Pro has undergone, it seems, most ambitious update in the history of tablet computers in General. Apple has managed to make substantial progress not only in the design of processors but also the design. That’s why the new iPad Pro was so attractive, surprising as performance, comparable to desktop solutions and a stunning appearance.

Last week Dan Riccio, Apple’s Vice President on the development of hardware, statedthat a bent iPad Pro case are a consequence of the manufacturing process and do not affect the performance of the devices. Thus, he said, Apple will not accept the return of defective samples within the one-year limited warranty, regarding the violation of their geometry only as cosmetic defect.

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