As the departure of jony Ive’s impact on Apple devices

This summer it was announced that Jonathan Ive, Apple design chief, decided to leave his post. In Cupertino was given to understand that, first, Ive been so long not in the design of new products, and, secondly, will continue to participate in the development of the company, but as a third party consultant. Of course, the news shocked many fans of Apple, who have decided that now it will fail. In General, all the same, what he was talking about when CEO went to Steve jobs and appointed in his place, Tim cook. However, with cook, Apple has not only not withered, and bloomed like never before. It seems that in the case of YWAM will be the same.

Jony Ive is undoubtedly a great designer, but without it, Apple devices are getting better

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Despite the fact that to determine signature jony Ive in Apple products was difficult, and how varied the devices, the company can easily distinguish at what point he ceased to be engaged in their design. The easiest way to understand the thickness, which Ive always tried to minimize, even if it came at the expense of reliability and functionality of the gadget. Therefore, if this theory is correct, most likely, the main designer moved away from direct design of new products Apple at the junction of 2015-2016.

Jony Ive, the legendary Apple designer

Ive still managed to develop a design released in 2016, MacBook Pro keyboard “butterfly”, which allowed to reduce the thickness of the laptop, but, apparently, smartphone is not engaged. In any case, with the 2015 the thickness of the new iPhone has grown steadily ā€” from 6.9 mm for the iPhone 6 to 8.1 mm for iPhone 11 Pro. But if you improve smartphones in Cupertino started immediately ā€“ still is the main product that brings the company money, some laptops have long tried to revive perfecting the keyboard one way or another.

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Not that I was against Aiva, just his desire to make all the equipment Apple as thin as possible often led to a decrease in its reliability. For example, the iPhone 6 can easily bend at the rear jeans pocket, iPad Air 2, it is easy to push, clicking on his heel, and keyboard MacBook Pro for four generations had a penchant for failure, as if Apple tried to improve it with different kind of strips and cutter dust, preventing the ingress of debris into the mechanism.

Jony Ive left Apple, and rightly so

Practice shows that to get rid of most of the problems of proprietary Apple devices you can, if you increase their thickness to a few tenths of a millimeter. It’s not a big figure to make him shiver, but enough to ensure that the apparatus or ceased to fail, or just began to work better. For example, Apple’s smartphone increased thickness gave an increase in battery capacity, which they began to work considerably longer than their predecessors, and support for wireless charging, while the laptop ā€“ at least one theory but very likely increase the reliability of the keyboard unit.

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Despite the dubiousness of the statement the phrase that no one is indispensable, in the case of Apple it is. The fact that the above products, the company simultaneously employs more than a dozen people, each of whom is a professional in his field. Therefore, to assume that all new Apple drew himself jony Ive, not allowing anyone else, to do is wrong. And, considering that in recent years, he mainly engaged in Apple Park and create exclusive designs for charities, it is likely that he might not even be involved in the development of the latest devices of the company.

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