As the Internet of things will change the world in 5 years

Modern technologies continue to transform the world around us. The huge impact of computers and the Internet, and then smartphones. Today we observe how the world is composed of drones, blockchain and the Internet of things. Let’s dwell on the last paragraph and see how the IOT can change our world.

Unbeknownst to many today, it is a huge amount of smart devices. According to Business Insider forecasts that by 2023 among consumers, business and government organizations get along 40 billion of such devices. It’s not only about smart speakers and light bulbs. Smart devices are ready to integrate into every segments of the market and do it in five years.

  • In the consumer market, smart devices will continue to fill the house. Light bulbs, speakers and appliances to be controlled via a wireless connections will also be expanded to clothes and shoes.
  • For organizations, smart devices will continue to play the role of automation. On the office and production will remain the same instruments, but they will become smarter and more independent, reducing the time to work with them.
  • Governmental organizations to 2023, will encourage development of smart cities. Smart security camera, city lights and counters will make the fight against crime and the management of public services easier. This area must attract a large amount of investment.

Today, unbeknownst to us, the race is between people and organizations, which implement the Internet of things in your life. Smart devices will change our lives instantly. It will take five years to many of the things working now obsolete. Replaced they have to be something new corresponding to modern standards. Our life will come to automation, and while we’re waiting, can you see other forecasts.

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