As the introduction in the memory of the Face ID of two persons will change its security

Making concessions to users than iOS 12 Apple added the ability to unlock iPhone X with the help of a second person. Innovation should facilitate the use of the mobile members of one family, without forcing them to manually enter the access password. The convenience of this feature, obviously, but its security is questionable.

According to the updated document of Apple’s security, making the second person in the memory of the Face ID reduces protection against unauthorized unlocking of smartphone twice from the baseline. If one person in the memory, the probability of incorrect recognition was 1 in 1,000,000, then the second it will drop to 1: 500 000.

Face ID is no longer safe?

The decrease in the level of security when adding a alternative quite logical. The same thing happens when you make the imprint of the second person in the memory of the Touch ID. However, in the case of fingerprinting each additional finger increases the likelihood of incorrect unlock a stranger 5 times, not 2 as in the case of Face ID.

Whether to store the Face ID the second person

If you have such a need, it is definitely worth it. Even if you put in the phone memory, not two, but three persons, the level of protection that you will provide the interface Face ID, will still be higher than the one that it offers Touch ID. Most importantly, remember that Face ID may not work properly with the twins and children under the age of 13 years.

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