As the iPad has affected the music industry

Tablets iPad has long enjoyed great popularity among musicians. Today in the App Store you can find a huge number of music applications for every taste. Everything is so serious that right now the tablet computer Apple is quite capable of replacing a Mac or a PC, not only in Amateur, but in professional audio. Sure and musician Justin Henderson, winner of the award “Grammy” for best album of the year. All his work he has created on the iPad without using a computer.

According to the musician, for his work he uses an iPad Pro (2018), which completely satisfied him.

Initially, it seemed impossible that the iPad can be used for professional work with sound. Fortunately, I was wrong. iPad is a completely different approach to creating compositions. You don’t need to think about how everything works. You are completely immersed in the work and engaged only in creative, not technical issues. Oddly enough, but in terms of convenience to the Apple surpass even Mac computers.

To create musical pieces Justin uses the application Blocs Wave. Then he modifies his idea in BeatMaker 3. The capacity of these programs is enough to write full-fledged songs.

In the professional work of engineers involves huge mixing consoles with lots of knobs and switches. This kind of a way to “touch” the music. It’s safe to say that the iPad is closest to such experience. Work on a tablet PC of Apple is comparable to playing a real instrument and it’s really inspiring.

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