As the sensor in your phone?

Your phone to make a lot of things automatically, without any intervention from you, the reason behind it to a number of sensors inside the phone you hold it with one hand.

Although everyone will recognize the benefit behind each of these sensors, but few know all the specific name for each sensor and its function.

Whether you want to know these sensors and their functions to avoid you when you buy a new phone, or to learn more, then this article is for swords you what you want to know about them.

Sensor-Accelerometer (Accelerometer)

كم مستشعر في هاتفك الجوال؟

Your phone can count your steps, even with the lack of a smart watch around your wrist, and this happens thanks to the sensor. The sensor to monitor movement, which says the phone moving in every direction, this is the same function when its presence in smart watches, is considered his presence essential in types of sports.

And the accelerometer sensors to identify the connection also and not the distance only, which makes no essential role in the application of augmented reality (Augmented Reality). As you can conclude from his name, says the sensor values of tolerance and also which can some of the apps of add the advantages depend on this property.

The sensor of the sensor and other parts of the microscopic are affected by the pressure resulting from the delivery, and when the measured voltage output, the sensor of the speed measurement and direction.

Whether you take advantage of them when you turn your phone screen automatically between portrait Portrait and landscape mode Landscape, or when you select your speed while using an application that you prefer when driving, the shopping or الـAccelerometer is one of the most important sensors in your phone.

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