As the technology company seeks to control on the small screen?


The eyes of the world on TV and at the beginning of his appearance wonderment severe, some thought it a new way or “treasure” for profits, which has led to the emergence of production companies and programs and serials, advertisements, in that time left a lot to their work and their company and they care about this new industry profitable, although the importance of the TV fell, only that now it happens again but with different details, since technology companies have started to pay attention to the network of small as a means by which you can achieve huge profit in different ways, with surprises that companies face crises that affect the earnings, Decided to some of the giants of American technology to reach production and entry into this world.

Facebook threat to small screen

Revealed Facebook Inc. she collaborated with the product development previous to purchase “True Blood” and Director “Scott Wayne Pointe” to produce a television series a new name, Sacred Lies, and will be presented via the tab “watch” on Facebook, which is composed of 10 episodes each half an hour, this means that Facebook wants the world to stop watching TV and replace it with smart phones, a move seen by some as a new attempt from Facebook to enforce its control.

فيس بوكFacebook

Apple resorted to the stars

In November of last year, said Apple spokeswoman said that the company American giant will produce two seasons of the drama series new starring star “Reese Witherspoon””Jennifer Aniston”, and set around the life of people working in the TV show during the day, and this is in addition to the re-production of the series science fiction “amazing story”, which was produced by director Steven Spielberg in the eighties, some said that Apple wants to compensate losses from the sales of the iPhone over the last few years through the entry of a new field.

نجمات مسلسل ابلThe Star of the show Apple

Amazon compete with the Rings

Company decided to “Amazon” to enter strongly in the world of production television, which announced last year it bought the production rights of TV global story of THE LORD OF THE RINGS or “the Lord of the rings”, and this for the service of PRIME for streaming and recording of no, and explained that the series will be composed of several parts and will address a new story.

ملك الخواتمLord of the Rings


Online streaming service was one of the first companies I thought of this step, this is because of the nature of the visual service provided by, and began to produce a large number of TV series over the past years.

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