As the trade in rare animals destroys nature?

We have many times cited examples of how mankind is literally destroying the planet. According to scientists, in just a few centuries due to human impact with the face of the Earth was erased about 500 species of plants. With the same lightning pace and extinct wild animals, and not only because of pollution and deforestation. According to scientists from the U.S. state of North Carolina, people EN masse to destroy thousands of wild animals, illegally catching and selling them as Pets and as a source of meat, skin and wool.

According to scientists, at the moment, on the verge of extinction are 2427 animal species

Scientists still was not known exactly how many species of wild animal are trading commodities on the black market. In this regard, researchers from Duke University led by biologist Brett we see a well, I decided to combine several databases and to fold at least a General idea of the scale of illegal trade in rare vertebrate creatures. In particular, we are talking about combining information from the International Union for conservation of nature and institutions to protect the wildlife from different countries.

How many animals sold on the black market?

The researchers found that of the 31 500 mentioned in the records of species of animals, 5579 species in great demand on the black market. Interested in rare animals, people buy them live or already processed form, that is, as skins and meat. Sellers earn on the illegal business for more than 21 billion dollars a year.

By the way, animals are destroying not only people, but also giant spiders

These data are greatly surprised biologists, because they are hardly regarded as ambitious. According to their forecasts, in the near future the situation will become even worse. The graph below shows that a special demand is for mammals and birds, and after they had followed by amphibians and reptiles. Researchers can not yet say exactly how much illegal trade affects extinction of rare animals. However, due to the impact of the black market under threat of extinction may be even common animals that are superficially similar to representatives of a rare species.

The level of demand for different types of animals on the black market

Rare species may be even more

For example, on the black market today, demand for poultry under the name of Dubrovnik (Emberiza aureola). Since they are harder to find, poachers can start to catch looks very similar to them of the weavers (Ploceus). If this really happens, with the pace of the animals on our planet may be even less. So no doubt that mankind destroys all life on Earth, have virtually none.

Weaver (left) and Dubrovnik (on the right)

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The researchers hope that their work will enable countries to ensure the protection of all animals under threat of extinction. Also they should pay attention to the animals on our planet is becoming too much. For example, these include cats that have already happen in Australia. Scientists estimate that each year these furry creatures to catch and kill a billion animals, among which are very rare. To save them, Australian authorities have gone to extreme measures and was allowed to shoot cats.

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