As the viruses get on the phone and whether it is dangerous

A computer virus is a contagion that can spoil the life of any user. Since then, as smartphones have become computers, viruses began to threaten them. A real boom of viruses occurred at a time when smartphone became associated with money. In them there are many paid services, and users began to tie them to cards and enable the auto-refill account phone. It became a real godsend for those who want to earn a lot of dishonest money. But not all that scary, and the virus itself to your device will not fall. There are only a few areas where he can come and just have a little bit more closely monitor them.

Virus on a phone could be more dangerous than it seems. Or may not be.

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What viruses are for your

Like a normal virus, computer is a parasitic ”form of life”. Only the usual work for the benefit of itself and its population, and the computer — for the benefit of the one who created it.

Actually, a virus is malicious codewhich is embedded in an application or operating system and causes it to not work as it was originally intended. That is why viruses are divided into different types. Just on principle of how they works.

Mostly the virus lasts on ”DIY” and ”Trojans”. First just replace the app. It duplicates the icon and location. Sometimes even the screen saver and home screen. All in order for the user to the last not guessed that launches a viral app. It should just run and give him the rights so he started to work. Otherwise, the operating system, most likely, simply will not allow him to turn around.

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Trojans are much more tricky. Their code is simply embedded in ordinary applications or operating systems, and works together with them only periodically gives the command to send data somewhere on the side. In the end, scammers can gain access to very important data.

Our smartphone stores way too much information. It is interesting to fraudsters.

That can make the virus on the phone

As every modern phone user is associated with the money, the viruses can be quite dangerous. They can make calls, send SMS to premium numbers (and the operator is not to blame, when will write you a lump sum), to activate the expensive subscriptions and the like. Also, the virus can just steal data. For example, photos, notes, Bank card details or even your address book. In the latter case, it seems that it’s not so bad, but this is one of the channels supplementing spammers.

Sometimes viruses are more innocuous. They just activate is on your phone and you are constantly faced with annoying banners. However, some hackers go further and charge your device with viruses, which can just block it and not allow to do anything except enter the code. This code, of course, will have to buy a few thousand.

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How the virus gets on your phone

Most probably the main channel of infection is APK. Not all apps can be downloaded from Google Play, so users often download these files and install them. To disguise them, the virus easier. Often a link to a. APK file that comes in the mailing, which at first glance seems useful. Of course, this does not mean that to download APK not. You just have to be attentive to the source. For example, a long time game Fortnite was impossible to download in Google Play and spread it that way. Take the link from the developer in this case safely.

Of course, Google Play is also full of the viruses, despite the fact that the censors tried to examine them as thoroughly as possible. But usually the viruses in Google Play is not such a terrible risk to download them not so big. Especially if you don’t go beyond the used by the most people applications. Most often they are unknown in games, sets, screen savers and apps, promising ”adult content”. With regard to the latter, with similar sites also need to be careful. Anyway, not to download everything from not falling.

By downloading everything, you can download something bad.

Threat the virus on a smartphone

Most often, the virus on your smartphone is safe, and so he started to work, it is necessary not just to download, unzip, and install. Only in this case it will be really dangerous. If you still run this ”app”, giving him all rights, including the right to conduct phone calls and sending SMS, in this moment he may appear.

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Whether to use antivirus software for phone

This question is raised by people since then, how did the first virus, if not the first computers. Everyone decides for himself. Personally, I think that antivirus is not needed if you follow at least the minimum requirements ”hygiene”.

If you are a novice user, you may have a point, but you have to understand that the antivirus will take away system resources and reduce battery life. And yet it is unclear where the antivirus will have something to send. If you decide to put it, the main thing is to choose the decision of the eminent manufacturer and do not install more than one antivirus program.

How to understand that the phone virus

First of all, you will notice the strange behavior of the device. It can start to slow down, to warm up or just to work less from the battery. The same thinking needs to come across apps that require too many rights. For example, if you downloaded the game, and she asks permission to make a phone call and will not start, if you do not give her these permissions is a concern.

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However, this is not the most loyal signs, and sometimes even quite decent applications can behave this way. They can also request other resolutions. For example, if someone wants to spy on you, they will ask for permission to use the camera. If he will need the files, you will need to access the data store and so on.

Is important to realize that applications that you slipped through the newsletter or you download on an unknown site, you will almost certainly encounter a virus. And still it is necessary to understand that to recognize a high quality made the virus very difficult. So just don’t need to download everything and give it extra rights.

What to do if your phone is locked with virus

First of all it is necessary to pull the SIM card so that the attackers are unable to access paid services. It would be good to disable Wi-Fi, if possible. If not possible, you just have to disconnect the router until I deal with the problem. You must remember that you to pay no nothing. Most likely, it will not help and the phone you no unlocks.

At some point, your smartphone can start working against you.

After shut down the connection, try to restart phone in safe mode. If the banner will be gone, turn off administrator rights from all applications and remove those that you do not install. After that, you can try to reboot the phone in normal mode and see what happens.

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If this does not help, it will only reset the phone to factory settings. This should help, but will erase all data that wasn’t synced with the cloud or computer. So make backups and be careful. Then none of the infection will not pass. Yes, and in ordinary life, be careful and wear masks in public places. The fight against viruses and in ordinary life, and in the computer are very similar.

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