As will appear, the air ports for the flying taxi from Uber

At an event Elevate Uber Uber told where going to build the spot for their future flying taxi, and also presented several concepts of how to look for places where people will be able to use this service. As the portal Tech Crunch, initially, when the company announced the development of the project Uber Air (air taxi), as the first site, which addressed the opening of such a service, was selected as Dubai, but later the plans changed. In the end, as the first city where it will open the air port was selected in the Australian Melbourne.

It is noted that Melbourne passed the cities of Brazil, France, India and Japan, which was also considered to launch the new service. In addition, it became known that Uber is going to launch air taxi in two cities. The company said that test flights will begin in 2020, a full-scale commercial launch is scheduled for 2023. To this point Uber is going to open two more ports for air taxi in the United States. One will be in the Dallas (Texas), the other in Los Angeles (California).

“The Australian government should promising approach in the development and use of the services of ridesharing (sharing of vehicles — when.ed.) in General, future transport technologies. The combination of demographic and geospatial factors of Melbourne, and particularly the approach to the culture of technology has made it an ideal platform for the launch of our service Uber Air. In the future the company plans to build similar sites in other cities”, — commented the regional Director Uber Australia Susan Anderson.

At the last event, the partners presented 16 concepts of their landing sites for air taxi Uber Air called Skyports. Below you can see six of them, which, in the opinion of the media, being the most successful. Uber said that the construction of such sites will be on rooftops of multi-story car parks and on roofs of underused buildings.

“Since the first launch of Uber Air will take place in the next few years, presented today a collection of concepts network of landing sites Skyport Mobility Hub shows the finished, practical and grounded vision of a new infrastructure that would be required to supply the planned service,” says head of Department of development of Uber Elevate John Badalamenti.

“Embodying the synergies of our goals, these projects demonstrate a smooth transition from conventional ground-based vehicles, such as our ridesharing Uber Pool, to flying transport. Mind architect is able to imagine a nonexistent world and make it a reality. This year we invited a very talented, innovative architectural team, so they can imagine how interconnected hubs sites Skyport can be integrated in urban infrastructure Los Angeles, Dallas and Melbourne,” added Badalamenti.

Project Sky Loft from companies Pickard Chilton and Arup

This “harrisburg”, called Sky Loft, covers an area of 3700 square meters and is equipped with a landing pad, the area and expectations, as well as, shops, Parking spaces for JUMP e-bike and electric scooter. This air port will be built in Melbourne.

“Introducing an elegant and high performance solution, our concept is Sky Loft will be able to offer people an unprecedented level of quality and comfort. Typically objects of this type are generated based on the surrounding infrastructure, we went ahead and created this concept given the problem of limited resources of our planet. We were very interested to cooperate with Uber and Arup in developing the project, Sky Loft, which is a realistic representation of intra-city transport system of the future in Melbourne.”

Project CONNECT | EVOLVED company Corgan

This concept developed by the American company Corgan of Dallas (Texas). This air port includes restaurants, grocery stores, playgrounds, and work places for coworking. Here it is also considered a space for companies engaged in the rental of bicycles and scooters.

“Setting priorities when creating this concept, the company Corgan took into account the need for practicality. Our concept offers a scalable design that easily integrates into any existing infrastructure and takes into account its impact on the environment. Easily adaptable to any budget and location requirements” — describes the project Director Corgan John Trupiano.

The concept of the SkyPark from the company Mithun

The company offers Mithun to Los Angeles air port of SkyPark. Here it is proposed to implement a carousel for Parking and to place pads for bikes and scooters. The developers of the concept say their project is more focused on society. More than 8 thousand square meters are proposed under the Park.

“Uber SkyPark will allow to expand opportunities of urban transport, making it more convenient to personal, local and community scales. Taking into account the features of advanced technology electric vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing, as well as technologies electric bikes and scooters this concept takes into account all necessary for the tools infrastructure at the top level, and the bottom offers the creation of a public Park and places for active urban life. The Park and its trees will block out the noise and filter the emission of urban transport, keeping the air clean and at the same time mitigating the effect “heat island” and allowing you to enjoy an active social life”, — commented the representative of Mithun Jason Steiner.

The concept Volary company Humphreys & Partners Architects

The company Humphreys & Partners Architects sees based in the Dallas air port as a building that looks as if hanging in the air. It provides the platform for vertical takeoff and landing, the travel system compact transport and shops. And all this in the space of less than 900 square metres.

“Our approach to the design of the air terminal ridesharing based on the saying “less is better”. This is what prompted us to create a very intuitive for people and transport hub, integrated into the structure, which is very easy to build and very easy to drive, while strengthening the identity of the brand Uber. Volary is the embodiment of ideas using new technologies based on natural organic materials, allowing to create a platform, with a minimum consumption of energy,” describes the IT project Director is Walter Hughes.

The concept of skyport company Beck Group

The port proposed to build in Dallas, on the roof of the existing seven-story Parking garage. This concept is very simple and focuses only on the necessary basic pillars of the landing pad, areas for Parking bicycles, scooters and other electric vehicles.

“Since our company is engaged in the development and production of construction components, we have a unique opportunity to Supplement required for air port infrastructure of the building that already exist in the present. Development and production of modular elements in our concept Dallas Skyport fully comply with the requirements of the concept of shared innovative ideas and Uber do not require large financial investments,” says one of the leaders of the company Group Beck Timothy Shippy.

Project Uber Skyport Mobility Hub company BOKA Powell Architects

Here also like other concepts in addition to platforms for take-off and landing flying taxi provides private space for Parking bicycles and electric scooter. However, the key objective of this concept is to enable the maintenance of all vehicles of Uber, both ground and air.

The advantages and disadvantages of Uber over conventional Air transport

For example, in Australia, Uber has noted that their project Uber Air will reduce traffic congestion, which cost the Australian budget of 16.5 billion dollars a year. According to the expert, Matthew Marino from Royal Melbourne University of technology, air taxi potentially safer than unmanned vehicles.

“While a car without a driver will face obstacles on the road such as pedestrians on their mobile phones or other means of transport, the air taxi will not have such obstacles,” he explained.

The expert Centre for urban studies Chris de Gruyter named several possible drawbacks of the new service. For example, he noted the potentially low bandwidth of such a flying taxi, a visual disorder in the sky, as well as harm to the environment and empty mileage.

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