Ask the fitter| ASUS-Pegasus-3S.. the phone is worth the trade

Not less than rating phone ASUS Pegasus Asus Pegasus-3S 4G in any characteristic of his technique on the specialized sites for 8 of the 10 in the lower case, this means that you can seriously think in the experience of the phone standing behind him the experience of almost 30 years, is the age of the Taiwanese company “ASUS” Asus since its founding in 1989, which try most of us by its products of the components of the computer, such as VGA Graphics Cards reader num, laptops.

Specifications, phone Asus Pegasus 3S 4G

Processor: eight-core processor Octa-Core 1.5 GHz ARM


Memory internal storage: two versions 32 GB and 64 GB

The area of the screen: 5.2 inch

Operating system: Android 7 direct of user interface Asus Zen UI 3.1

Camera: front 8 MP and rear 13 MP with Flash lighting Double

Battery: 5000 mAh (non-removable)

Additional Features: Supports fourth-generation 4G, Dual SIM, FM Radio, footprint.

Phone price: 169.99 $ (3,000 pounds) – 64 GB (location of GearBest)

The advantages of phone Asus Pegasus 3S 4G

(1) good battery, with a capacity of 5000 mAh battery.

(2) The size of the phone is good, and the weight of the fit (171 grams).

(3) The phone supports HD video recording HD quality 1080p@30fps.

(4) The performance of the phone is good thanks to the processor and RAM.

Defects phone Asus Pegasus 3S 4G

(1) The battery is non-removable.

(2) The thickness of the phone is rather large (0.89 cm).

(3) The phone is not waterproof, although this was normal because it is not in this category of phones.

(4) does not support the Connect property of NFC and the infrared also does not support the feature of wireless charging.

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