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Kriptonyte for the first time since 2017 will cause mass euphoria of investors. Recently Bitcoin has surpassed $ 9,000, giving another boost to the bulls to move up. Co-founder Morgan Creek Capital Anthony Pompliano believes that cryptocurrency is still a lot of potential for growth. In addition, it has never been unprofitable, except for a brief 90-day period in the history of Bitcoin.

Today BTC is trading at 9157 dollars. For the past day the price of the cryptocurrency has not changed, the trade volume made up 17.11 billion.

More expensive, more reliable

On the prospects of Bitcoin Pompliano wrote in his recent blog post Off the Chain.

In the world there will only be 21 million bitcoins. As of yesterday, has already produced more than 17,76 million coins. Of these, 661 862 produced over the last 12 months. Hasrat network of Bitcoin reached a record high for all time of existence of the cryptocurrency. Now it is protected as never before.

Indeed, after the growth of BTC up to $ 9,000 miners began to actively “join in the game”. It is not excluded that many were able to achieve profitability even on older Azekah, which previously was considered to be illiquid.

In the last 24 months, Hasrat increased almost ten times. I wonder if this will rise even higher amid a bullish trend.

Source: TradingView

According to estimates of Pompliano, the sum of all transactions in the Bitcoin network over the last year exceeded a trillion dollars. For comparison, Visa processes approximately 8 trillion, and Mastercard is almost 4 trillion. Overall, the expert considers BTC an asset for investment.

Throughout its history, the cryptocurrency has brought huge profits to their initial investors, so we have no reason to believe that in the future this trend will change.


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