Assistant Amazon the audio gets on the skill of the game fantasy English Premier League

مساعد أمازون الصوتي يحصل على مهارة لعبة فانتسي الدوري الإنجليزي

It seems that the widespread of the game fantasy league-virtual assistant Amazon’s voice-Alexa both made of the chance meeting of the two step product to many, which is what happened with the declaration of the Association of the English Football League cooperation with Amazon on the launch of the skills for the assistant sound help control a game face.

And now for all users to help audio from Amazon on different hardware the activation functions through the open application Amazon and then choose the skill of the Fantasy Premier League from the website linked in the app, and then activate the voice command and start to ask questions on the plugin to get the answers sound without the need to open the game application or website when you need to know any details of the small or large quickly.

Can for example ask ” “Alexa, open the Fantasy Premier League…” and the voice assistant to open the application, then we can ask him, of course, on the number of points for the team in the round, the number of points added (bonus), best players, results, teams, schedule matches, the performance of the players, and other things.

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